Wednesday, September 10, 2014

September !


YAY- I have been waiting ALL summer to be able to type that !  This month leads into my most favorite time of the year. Autumn.

Not much going on here- but a lot of hot, sweaty folks getting horse chores done as soon as possible in order to go back to where it is air-conditioned. ( ME) School has started, which brought a lot of schedule changes for the working students here. We just about have them straightened out by now.

The horses started shedding their summer coats in mid July, and by now, some are growing their winter coats in.  Does this mean an early Fall and hard cold winter ?  I sure hope not. Acorns have been falling from the oaks along the road- which has led to some really happy squirrels gathering them up, burying them, only to forget just exactly where they had buried them when it's much colder.

We have had some real nice, lower humidity days intermixed with HOT and humid days, so Fall is trying to slowly arrive.

Cherry & Rose are coming along nicely- not much accomplished with hitching either of them, thanks to miserable biting flies outside. It's mighty hard to listen and concentrate when one is being bitten and pestered, so I put it all on the proverbial "back burner'' until , well, Now. So once this rainy day with storms moves out tomorrow, we Will get back to learning more. Stay tuned.

The two little peepies that were hatched here last spring, have Grown !! Oh my- Widgets' little peep is now tall than she is and has a name :  "Patricia". She was named by a fellow who had come for just one horse lesson. So Patricia it is. She's got some black feathers mixed in with all of her white ones, dark grey legs, and her face is darker than the White Plymouth Rock hen who laid the egg.  Hot Wheels' peep is a hen too- oh my, their voices are changing from 'peep, peep, peep', to  'peep,cluck, peep' ! They both sound so funny now. Apparently the egg that Hot Wheels sat on was laid by another of the White Plymouth Rock hens too as it has dark legs ( thanks to being half Lavender Orpington- RC) and white feathers with the black ones mixed in too.  She hasn't got a name - I was waiting to see if these chicks were little girls or little boys.  Both are very friendly and growing like mad. Guess being free range, fat farm hen agrees with them !

Below is Patricia and her mama, Widget. This was a month ago when they'd both chose to stay in the hen house with the other mature hens. Poor little Patricia got her neck pecked rather badly and I wasn't sure if those feathers would regrow or she'd have to wear a scarf during winter...

This is HotWheels ( the grey/black speckled one) and her no name daughter. Again- last month and they have grown Much taller. This one has a few black feathers on her as well.