Friday, September 20, 2013

A Geriatric Psycho Ward, errrrrrrrrrrr, Barn ??

I was chatting with the mom of a riding student and mentioned how during breakfast, the barn was like a psycho ward . Most 'normal' barns have horses who softly nicker "good morning" as their owners come into the barn in the morning. Ha- Not here !

Even before I'm actually in the barn, the ruckus begins. Lynn, who is usually loose around the barn all night long, stands at the barn aisle way gate, and shakes it so it makes to most gawd-awful screeching noise. She'll rub her face on the metal and its' enough to wake the dead. ....

Alli ( our ancient Appy mare - 31 years old) has already whinnied in her most loud voice , and begins rubbing her muzzle on the bottom of her stall door. It sound like a prisoner with a rubber cup.
  Sunny is screaming in his little girly voice ( High pitched yelling) and whacking his door with his shod hoof. Wow- LOUD !!!
  Teddi is walking in circles, and nickering as though he's been starved for a month ( not--- he's a little to, ummmm, 'fluffy' now)
  Shonee is waiting, ears forward and eyes open so wide, she reminds me of a little kid that has seen a ghost!
 Winnie is now back in her stall at night, and she too, is nickering, and walking. She also glowers thru the stall wall ( in between the boards...) at her neighbor as if to let him know that there is No way in heck that Winnie will Ever share her feed with him.
 Chance, ( 36) who is Flying  ( he's a professional 'stall walker')  around his stall in a clock wise manner. He's drooling in anticipation as well. He's OLD, with a popped out left eye, and looks a little odd any how.

Outside, Abby is all but running in circles, anticipating my walk out to let her come into the barn for the day- and FOOODDDD ! BoJangles is patiently standing by his gate, full of expectations, as is Holly, our little POA. Breeze is the smallest one here, so I'll see her standing on her hind legs in her stall. Yes- a rear, but she can hold it really long !  She now leans on the steel stall doors as though she's going to simply break her way out. She weighs maybe 600 pounds, so I don't see that happening. In Breezes' mind- yeah, sure, it'll give way.

After breakfast is done, and my Percherons are inside, happily munching on their hay for the morning, the idiocy begins again.

 This time, however, it's "Time we went out now".  Once they are all out, theatrics continue. Winnie, who really wants to be pals with Shonee, screams bloody murder if Shonee's pasture mate, Teddi looks at her the wrong way ( I still don't understand what he does to prompt all of that ). I believe Ted is tired of her and figures she is acting like some very odd 'gelding' with all that screaming, and stomping. He will pin his ears, and thunder towards that fence like a tank. Winnie, throws her long tail up , stomps even more as she is scooting out of his way- screeching all the time. < sigh>  Shonee stands there watching it all , all but scratching her head in amazement.

Alli & Chance are the old couple here- best of friends who take turns being first to get a drink of cool water or who is going to lead the way to the Dogwoods so they can stand in the shade, catching the cooler winds. Alli walks around with her tongue hanging out, and is very sway backed... she has arthritis pretty bad in her joints, so she snaps,crackles and pops as she walks now. Chance ?  One eye is popped out from a very old injury, and he's so swaybacked it's a little awkward to 'see' the horse he used to be. He drools, and will roll that left eye around so he can see who is coming more easily. Those two crack me up. Alli knows when it's dinner time, as do the hens. Chance is learning quickly.  Below is a shot I got one evening... both of the old couple are turning around to come meet me as the hens come running down the hill. We ALL walk back up to the barn together. I feel like the Pied Piper of WoodFinn !

Between ancient horses who drool, and can't seem to keep their tongues' in their mouths, to the older Percherons who know the routine here perfectly, to the younger psycho horses who all seem to have their own oddities goin' on, this place is truly a Geriatric / Psycho Ward.  Below is Chance- checking out the tack room as I'm trying to get their feed out for dinner..... Oh- and a pair of chicken legs too. No- he hasn't eaten a chicken, but they were all milling about, yes- waiting....

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Not sure what to call this one

So it has been a week shy of my losing Eve. I understand about the 5 steps of grieving and it's been very hard for me to deal with all of this.  (  )

Feeling sad and knowing there will never be another mare like my mare (her sire is dead and the dam was sold) lets me realize I just can't create 'another' Eve.

This sadness is never-ending, it seems. Folks tell me that it takes "time" to get past it all. It is helping,but I Still look for her in her stall when I walk past it, I still wait to hear her whinny telling me that she's all done eating her dinner and wants to go out now, please. I used to love being in the stall with Evie...she'd sniff my shoes and face ( yes, my mare had a shoe fetish of sorts) , schnuffle thorough my hair and then search my hands for those beloved peppermints.

The Percheron mare I knew was free of abuse and fear. She was oh, so brave, and kind and gentle for all of her 2000 pounds. I used to love it when she'd see something in the distance, and raise her neck and head up to a height of 12' in the air. She made ME feel small and petite- something I am certainly not.

I had been Sooooooooooooooooo careful with Evie. She had the best foal vitamins, daily dewormer, all the sweet hay she & her mama wanted to eat. Once she'd been weaned, I delighted in watching her grow taller and more wise. Each year was wonderful- we even had a third birthday party for her. This was one foal I cherished and thoroughly enjoyed watching grow into a gorgeous tall black mare.

She had been bred to be a show horse, but sadly, I never even got to drive her..... that had been in the plans for this month ( September).

The other three Percherons are doing fine, thank goodness. Lynn has stopped calling for her pasture pal, and they've all settled into a slightly different routine. Minus one.

Time is what this takes, ehhhh?  I hope that time passes quickly and my heart can begin mending again. This grief has to be dealt with somehow.

I just don't know how .