Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas !


On this Christmas Eve, I am reminded how blessed we are living here in 'Pennsyltuckie. ' Good friends, lots of help/working students,and super horses.
Not to mention a fabulous man who loves me in spite of all my shortcomings...

The rush is over,now for a quiet evening,
 and then Christmas will be here !

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, Yule, or what ever holiday is important to you at this time of year !

Kris, Glenn, Sadie, all four kitties, the chickens And best of all- The Horses

Thursday, December 18, 2014

'Almost Christmas' Memories- Or How Tommy Bennett Broke His Arm.


Ever since I moved to Pennsylvania, we have celebrated Christmas pretty much alone. Not that I mind it or anything, but it is SO different from when I was young. As I sit here, listening to Scottish Fiddle music- and some intermingled Christmas carols, I remember some great Christmas' past.

There were a lot of people in my family- and it seemed my mom was for everrrr bringing home "stray'' people. There were times when I'd wake up early for some reason as a teenager, to find someone sleeping on our sofa. Introductions were later after everyone had had breakfast... So the 'family' members were either larger or smaller, depending on my mother.

We were 'patches on our patches' poor- lived in the country and woods. The nearest neighbor might have been right down the lane, but to us?  At least miles away. Especially in an emergency situation. Like the time my elder sister was getting something to drink from the refrigerator and saw our woods was on fire. We were all freaking out- while she had the forethought to actually call the fire department. (Yay, Kath !)  Turned out it was a neighbors little house that was burned, thanks to a drunk dropping a cigarette while he was passed out. (Or perhaps the story we all heard Was true ?)

There were neighbors and all of us kids were pals. We would go camping in the woods, prowl around looking for freshly shed deer antlers, decorations for our houses for Christmas, and Lots of games played in "the field". This belonged to one neighbor and it was well known for many wonderful games of football, soccer ( yep- in knee high grass) or blind man's bluff.  I remember the time we were playing that and I was the "blind man". A fella who was just a year younger than I called to me, and I ran in his direction. KA-POW !  I ran smack dab into the ONLY electric pole in the area.  Man, that hurt.

One time in winter,( I am guessing we were all around 10-11 yrs old) we decided to go sledding on one neighbor's hill pasture. It was fenced in, but for a large, wide gate at the bottom. We spent a good hour or so stomping up n' down that long hill to make Sure the runs would be fast. If you timed it just right, you could go flying down that hill, then turn your sled to the right as you went through the gate. That way you would be on the snow covered gravel road and be able to sled almost to our house's lane.  Well then someone thought "why not make a snow ramp ". We had seen them on the Olympics- so why not here !?
We got busy building til it was time for dinner, and we all split up, promising to return the next morning to finish.

The next day, we all gathered at the 'ramp' and finished creating it. Little did we realize that it had frozen quite solid all night long, then the morning sun came out and melted it just enough to create ice when we added more snow.  We drew twigs to decide who would give it a go first. I don't really remember what order we went in, but soon it was Tommy's turn. He had waxed the sled runners that morning and knew that sled would Fly !

My pal, Peter, went flying down and made it onto the road for a little distance. My sled was old, so it didn't go quite as fast or far. It was Tommy's turn next. He lay down on his sled and pushed off with his hands.
Oh, he went so fast !!
He hit that now iced ramp/jump at a good 20 miles per hour, and went flying over it like Santa's deer could fly.  That's when we looked at each other, getting a wee bit concerned......

Tommy and his sled flew through the opened gate, hit the snow covered road way and kept on going- straight. He ended up in a big pile of old railroad ties, and with a very sore arm. He was howling, hopping in circles, holding his arm.

Yep- it was broken and we were not allowed to sled over that ramp "until springtime". Heck- it had all melted by then!

Another time, just before Christmas, my mom & I had a good time. I was freshly separated from the husband ( soon to be ex) and was spending my first Christmas alone. It was pretty depressing, but I decided to make it as nice as I could. One night there was a banging on the front door, and I hesitated to open it as it was close to 9PM. WHO would be there that late ??  It was my woodsy neighbor, Allie Puro.  Long story, short, Allie was a Finnish woman who had been severely abused as a child, raped by her father, and took many beatings. My mother and she had been neighbors as children...... Allie's mind didn't work real well after all of that- then add way too many beers to stop the memories...well, you can imagine.  She was basically harmless, but all of the kids had been a little scared of her when we were little.(me included)

So there she was, holding grocery bags and a beer.... I invited her in and we had a nice visit. She'd told me that she had seen my Christmas lights in the windows and wanted to tell me how nice they looked. I made us some Finnish coffee- knowing I'd be awake for the rest of the night- Allie needed it though.  After a bit of a visit,she got ready to leave and handed me a gift she had purchased for me. Totally surprised at this, I told her 'thank you, and Merry Christmas'. It was some hand made soaps that she remembered that my mom had loved , so she'd bought some for me.  After that, she walked off, following the path thru the woods to her small shed she called home.

I stopped at my parents' house the next day, asking my mom if she would like to take part in taking Allie Puro some Christmas joy. We went shopping and got Allie some warm boots,some gloves, a pretty BLUE wallet (she loved blue) and some decorations for a tree. I stopped at a Lion's Club tree sale to ask if they had any small trees about "this tall".  They didn't.... The next day, I got a call from that man at the tree sale stand and he told me to come back because he had found a small tree for me. I had told him what we had been planning. He had cut the top off a tall tree and had a gorgeous small tree for free. Eventually we had everything wrapped , had the tree, some Christmas cookies, and some fresh Pulla for Allie.

Off we went thru the woods. It was about a mile back behind my little house to Allie's place. She lived in one of those storage sheds- tin with no floor. She had a wood stove for heat, and she'd cut sapling trees down to create a porch of sorts. There she had an old canning jar with 'her Christmas tree' in it- a piece of holly.

We went to Allies' house, laughing and feeling grand at having such a surprise for her. She was home, had heard us, and met us outside her porch, big smiles.
We went inside, sat down and presented her with the little tree.... we then helped her decorate it with some shiny balls,tinsel, and some garland. It looked wonderful! We watched as she opened all of her gifts, ooooing and ahhhhing at each one. She was almost childlike in her enjoyment, saying that no one had Ever done anything so wonderful for her in all her days.

The next day, there was a message on my answering machine. The Mayor of the town asked me to stop in on my way home from work , that he had stuff for me. Not having a clue, I did, after I was done working. Seems "someone" had let him know what we had done, and he'd made some calls- and all of these bags were for our friend. Oh my !  Christmas cookies, a Warm coat, scarves, mittens, hats and some sweaters, pants and some hand knit woolen socks- so on Christmas day, my mom and I took our walk once more to Allie's house. Delivering it all to her was what made our Christmas perfect.....

Allie died later that year- and her Social worker had mentioned to my mom ( friends) that before she'd died she had been talking about her Christmas . Allie had told her that "it was the most wonderfullest Christmas"  Allie had Ever had.

With that, all of us here at WoodFinn wish you ALL a wonderful holiday season- may all of your wishes come true and may the upcoming new year be perfection .

Kris, Glenn, Sadie, Shadow, Paddy, all of the horses, the barn kitties, Kiisa and Moxie, and all of The feathered Girls who live in the hen house....

oh and let's not forget
 Rooster Cogburn !!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Barn Terminologies


Oh boy have we got them too !  Sometimes I think we should create a WoodFinn dictionary because there are so many being used.

This one Meghan brought with her:
   " Ligament"  ( Liniment)
  which isn't as you'd think but more like the brace one would rub on an equine leg to help it feel better after being ridden or driven.

then there's others like

which is a gait a Standardbred horse will use when confused going into sharper than normal corners. It's not quite a trot and gets to be this
lumpity -lumpity movement with a pacing movement involved.

"Going Theatrical:"
this is when a horse needs a good spanking but since we don't DO that here, we 'go theatrical'.  Involving arms wavin, big sounds coming out of our mouths, sometimes even slapping a wall with a lead rope- and Perhaps, ONE smack on a side or shoulder, if needed. Our horses all understand that when they are "bad", to expect their human to go theatrical on them.

this could mean to get something for a saddle, harness or bridle..... This term happens mostly when I can't think of the proper name for a breeching strap, or bit converter, etc. It's kind of a universal word that could mean most anything - and one gal a long time ago coined it as " Kris Speak".  ( I hope she was being silly )

More to come !!



I don't know about everyone, but I am so very thankful for how my life is now, compared to a decade ago. This quote has been a mantra of mine for some time now:

"Do more than belong: participate. Do more than care: help. Do more

 than believe: practice. Do more than be fair: be kind. Do more than

 forgive: forget. Do more than dream: work.” ― William Arthur Ward

I have finally learned to truly count my blessings. Not being sure quite when this happened, but each day, I take a bit of time to say "thank you'' to whomever controls my destiny. Might it be 'me' or a God or Goddess, I don't know but I do take those few minutes daily.

So here's to a wonderful day for all, and if you are celebrating alone, please know that we are all there celebrating with you, even if in good thoughts !

from all of us at WoodFinn Farm

Thursday, October 30, 2014

What happens in the barn, Stays in the barn

yeah- and here I am blabbing them to everyone. < grins>

There are a few that will not be mentioned here because it would way to embarrassing to the "owner".... but the rest- oh for sure.

One just recently was a fella who was working with his horse and came out of the tack room a few days ago.... It seems that he hadn't been Okayed by our rooster, RC. Well RC figured he was not supposed to be up there without one of his " humans" being there. He waited until the fella walked out of the tack room, or was standing in the doorway and Rooster Cogburn nailed him. Yep- almost in his crotch area ! NOT smart- and RC had no idea how close he came to being a nice chicken dinner that day.

The thing for RC is if he decides he's brave enough to take on a human is to grab any body part of his , pick his mean ol' self up, stuff him under an arm and carry him around for a bit. This tends to baffle that chicken so much, that he doesn't even struggle to get free. He rolls his neck along in rhythm with your walking strides just as though he's walking instead. Goofy bird.... Remember this photo ?

One day I was standing out near the divider between the parking lot and grassy area ( marked by an old electric pole on the ground), watching a gal longeing her draft mare....  It was almost time to begin feeding dinner at the barn and I'd been giving her some pointers. Things were going along real nicely when the mare was making her circles a little wider. I decided to step back- remembering I was close to that pole on the ground- when ka bam !  I hit the pavement . It is a long ways down when one is tall, yanno ? At any rate, everything ceased and everyone there scurried over to make sure I was alright. Well- it seemed that I was and my ego was hurt only.... duh. 
Note to myself Watchwhere you are backing, dummy head 

I have been known to do 'stupid human tricks' in the past so folks are now on the alert in case I take a dump to the ground some where. Oh well...

There will be more of these as I remember them, but that's a few to whet your reading appetite !

Saying Goodbye...


As you may or may not know, my ancient Appaloosa mare "All the Best" was getting more and more arthritic as the years passed by. This Fall, she could barely walk outside and I was having to consider letting her go. Being afraid that she might fall down on slippery winter ground or not being able to deal with the terrible winters Pennsylvania can occasionally dish out, I made the horrible choice that we horse folks have to make when owning Old (" friends") Horses.

On Thursday, October 16th, she left us peacefully and is buried up on the hill beside her bestest pal, Suzi. It was clear to me that we had made the right choice when we did because she progressively got more and more in pain as the colder weather moved in. Her life quality went downhill quickly and even though she was 'happy' I knew she hurt awfully bad. I will miss that dear old mare for the rest of my life- she had a big place in my heart in being so incredibly sweet and kind to everyone she met....

Sending peace to my mare who truly was
"All The Best."

Below is Alli at 31 yrs...

Chance(right) and Alli coming to meet me

this photo shows the love a horse can give- Shania was so small, and Alli was oh so gentle.

                                   Alli and Carlene 2006

A new green winter blanket!

''All The Best ''
 1983 --  2014

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

September !


YAY- I have been waiting ALL summer to be able to type that !  This month leads into my most favorite time of the year. Autumn.

Not much going on here- but a lot of hot, sweaty folks getting horse chores done as soon as possible in order to go back to where it is air-conditioned. ( ME) School has started, which brought a lot of schedule changes for the working students here. We just about have them straightened out by now.

The horses started shedding their summer coats in mid July, and by now, some are growing their winter coats in.  Does this mean an early Fall and hard cold winter ?  I sure hope not. Acorns have been falling from the oaks along the road- which has led to some really happy squirrels gathering them up, burying them, only to forget just exactly where they had buried them when it's much colder.

We have had some real nice, lower humidity days intermixed with HOT and humid days, so Fall is trying to slowly arrive.

Cherry & Rose are coming along nicely- not much accomplished with hitching either of them, thanks to miserable biting flies outside. It's mighty hard to listen and concentrate when one is being bitten and pestered, so I put it all on the proverbial "back burner'' until , well, Now. So once this rainy day with storms moves out tomorrow, we Will get back to learning more. Stay tuned.

The two little peepies that were hatched here last spring, have Grown !! Oh my- Widgets' little peep is now tall than she is and has a name :  "Patricia". She was named by a fellow who had come for just one horse lesson. So Patricia it is. She's got some black feathers mixed in with all of her white ones, dark grey legs, and her face is darker than the White Plymouth Rock hen who laid the egg.  Hot Wheels' peep is a hen too- oh my, their voices are changing from 'peep, peep, peep', to  'peep,cluck, peep' ! They both sound so funny now. Apparently the egg that Hot Wheels sat on was laid by another of the White Plymouth Rock hens too as it has dark legs ( thanks to being half Lavender Orpington- RC) and white feathers with the black ones mixed in too.  She hasn't got a name - I was waiting to see if these chicks were little girls or little boys.  Both are very friendly and growing like mad. Guess being free range, fat farm hen agrees with them !

Below is Patricia and her mama, Widget. This was a month ago when they'd both chose to stay in the hen house with the other mature hens. Poor little Patricia got her neck pecked rather badly and I wasn't sure if those feathers would regrow or she'd have to wear a scarf during winter...

This is HotWheels ( the grey/black speckled one) and her no name daughter. Again- last month and they have grown Much taller. This one has a few black feathers on her as well.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Rain, rain and yet MORE rain


Holy smokes- we have had Lots of rain this summer ! In fact it is raining today, which is why I'm getting caught up on things. I really hope this doesn't equate to the amount of snow coming this winter. Pastures are green as can be, and I've been mowing weeds- plus Grass, thanks to all of it.

Been a bit of a bad / stressful month here at the farm..... Our little American Draft Pony, Rose, started it all with runny manure and a fever. Called in the vet who said it may well be just the beginnings of Potomac Horse Fever. ( spread by Mayflies of which there are millions this year) Luckily Rose eats anything put in front of her ( another reason she's a little "fluffy")and gobbled down her medicine with ease. It was a week before she began making cow floppy piles and another couple of days before she was back to her bothersome antics again. She's fine now- but then Lynn came down w/ the same symptoms. By then I knew what was going on and started her on the Doxycycline too. A few days of crampy fever and sloppy manure, and she was getting better too. All of the girls were on this for 10 days, with pain-killers/ anti inflammatories if needed. I'm so glad I have learned to keep copious notes & info in the past. Due to having three horses feeling bad, keeping track of temps, meds and more, I've got it all written down !

Last was my sweet Cherry.... she would Not touch her feed tub if it had anything But grain in it. Soooooooooo- she had a 'cocktail' in a dose syringe each evening. She too, is finally feeling better - temperature is down, she's eating ( yelling to me from her pasture to "HURRY UP !") and soon she too will be all done w/ treatment.  Whewwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

The two peeps are growing like weeds. Widgets' peep is taller than she is by now. A young fellow wanted to name her, and her official name is "Patricia". I have no idea where he came up with that, but lets' hope Patricia IS a hen ! Reminds me of that song, " A Boy Named Sue'' ??  Hotwheels' peep is a lovely white w/ black/ grey feathers intermingled- very pretty. Again- not totally sure if it's a he or a she... stay tuned for baby's practicing a crow. *( ugh- don't want any roosters)

Other than rain, we've had a lot of lessons going on-  working students and paying students. Slowly getting winters hay stored up in the loft.... thank gosh this wonderful farmer contacted me about buying hay last year ! It is Gorgeous and makes the barn smell delicious. ( yes- only a horse woman enjoys that smell)

The working students and myself held a Horse Wash a couple of weeks ago. Almost all of the horses here got a much needed bath . We were all wet and filthy afterwards, but the horses were gorgeous.

We are planning an End of Summer Barn Bash soon. That should be great fun- pizzas', drinks, and a sleep over for those who want to stay. I imagine there will be folks in the hayloft, and all over the tack room floor, trying to sleep. I'm not going to be there- I'll be in my nice soft bed ! Getting to creaky for sleeping on floors any more.

Hope your summer has gone perfectly- ours sure has. (well, Other than sick equines of three).

Alex tries out the new foaming horse shampoo-er.

Abby had her turn also....

But she decided to shake her soapy mane at everyone !

Cherry was a princess , as usual.

the chickens were wondering if it was dinnertime, what with all of the people here

Rosie was so dirty, one could 'write' their name on her side.

the end results were Wonderful ! 
Below is Abby n' Meghan.

 Cherry has gorgeous dapples...

love this head shot of Cherry.

The greys are almost a bright silver:

then BoJangles

 Lynn out in the ring...

last but not least, Rose !

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

VENT !!!!


Whoa, two posts in one day !

For those who are not wise as to the life of a horse person, I'll tell you a few things..  firstly, even though I can take some time "off" during the day, I have to be here all but 24/7 . Horses are like that- they need feed, stalls cleaned, water to drink and a lot more. If a horse gets sick- then whatever I'd had planned goes right out the window ( mind you- this usually happens on a Friday evening of a 3 day holiday weekend). I have had to cancel dates, parties, friends getting together and some really fun formal balls in the past. Most folks who own horses and do not board them will understand this. We do Not have time to waste on "no shows".

Twice now, just recently, I have had people call about boarding a horse here. One was all but frantic and the other had been fed up with the lack of care where their horses lived at the moment. BOTH made appointments with me, so they could meet me, see the barn, ask questions, etc....  BOTH of them even called me back to make sure they'd written the day / time correctly.

So I hang around and wait. Sure, there were many many other things I'd planned on getting done that afternoon, but noooooooooooo- I waited. Mowing was needing done, I have to drop some harness parts off to be repaired, and more. Let alone possibly taking a little road trip with my husband....

No One showed up- No One bothered to call to say they were not coming, nothing. To me ? That is Rude. I don't have spare time to sit around, waiting for people who don't have the good manners to let another know ( hello- cell phones in every single hand now a days ). And I sat here, patiently waiting and wasting yet another afternoon on a rude person to show up.

Bad Weather


Wow, did central PA have some wicked weather yesterday afternoon !   I was playing around on Facebook ( yep- we have a farm page there too) and all of a sudden, frantic alerts began... from local weather stations. Generally, it was letting us know of a line of very bad thunderstorms on their way.Reports of lightning strikes, trees down, high winds, and a lot of rain.... Then, tornado warnings began. Hello ????  Tornados in central Pennsylvania ????

Lo and behold, there really was one- and while it did some damage, I do not believe anyone was seriously injured. Here on the farm, we had two sessions of winds/ rain before it all blew over and blue skies / sunshine appeared.

 All in all, a scary late afternoon, but here, it all was good . As I was keeping track of the storms, etc, Piper trotted into my office, and it turns out he'd found something wonderful on the floor :

From now on, I will be impatiently waiting for Autumn. Stay cool everyone, and safe !

Tuesday, July 1, 2014



It is HOT today. I think summer has finally arrived full force. We had been getting some 'warning' hot weather, but now ? Yep, it's here to stay.

A busy month - riding lessons, chores to get done and lots and lots of weed mowing. Turns out, our lawn tractor finally died....  it's engine froze and we had to buy a new one.  I was a good two weeks behind- so for me ? Mow, mow, and then ? Mow some more. The pastures look super now, but for one. I love the new tractor !

All of the equines have been doing great so far, as are the chickens. Ending up with just two white peeps, their mom's have been being good parents. HotWheels has what I believe is Widgets' chick because it is SO small... but HotWheels loves it any who.She's the one who sat n' sat to hatch it out, so of course, it's Hers! Doesn't matter who laid that egg, but who sat on them. Same w/ Widget- her peep is pure white, telling me that it's half Plymouth Rock and half Orpington : LARGE peepie.
It seems that The Girls have learned that at feeding time for the horses, it is also dinner time for them !   They see me coming out of the house, and come a' runnin.

Then we all walk Back up the lane together.....

Below is RC trying to be Incognito- but it didn't work, I saw him anyways.

I was taking some photos the other day- this is the barn in summer...

Today Taylor and Alex had their lessons together. Rose is quite stubborn and so it Alex.  Cherry is a little fearsome, but Taylor is quick to praise her for being so brave. Perfect matches for Both ponies and teenagers. It has been so hot in the afternoons, I'd not been doing much driving, but I don't have a trailer so why be in a big hurry to get fit ponies ? Ah well, stay tuned on THAT one.
I have had to change my feeding practices it seems. These two draft ponies can live on grass easily ! While they both look incredibly gorgeous, they are a little, ummmmmmmm, "fluffy". They are both on diets now and still looking great. I am really enjoying owning them.
We have been invited over to a friend's farm to watch a fun show there , the last of July. I'm going to take the camera and get some photos - plus we'll all go to clap n' cheer as an audience! 

Sadie has been enjoying the sunshine but not so much the heat.... Piper doesn't seem to really care-

 Lynn n' BoJangles standing in front of the barn.....
 they catch the cool breeze that comes thru the aisle.

They enjoy being cool, too.

Thats about it for now- stay tuned and stay cool.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mid June catch-ups.

Hope your early summer has been good. So far, mine has not.....

About 3 weeks ago or so, Cherry n' I headed to the ring to drive a little bit. Some pals were there, taking some photos and I believe a short video. We were doing fine until I drove over an old traffic cone.  Having totally forgotten that this 'easy entry' pony cart was Much lower to the ground than my draft carts, the cone got caught under my seat and got dragged for a few feet. Well, that's all it took for Cherry to feel the resistance, and that noise and then to react. Seconds, actually. She began kicking the cart, and bucking to get free, and as we veered a sharp left, the cart flipped over to the right, with me tumbling out of it. She proceeded to do maybe 3-4 galloping rounds about the ring, fighting to free herself from the now "Monster" that had her in it's grip. Finally she stopped up by the gate, and let us get close to her. The poor old cart had had the worst part of it, Cherry had a few minor scrapes, and incredibly, the harness was scuffed and only the breeching strap over her hips had torn some threads ! We were ALL very lucky. Thank goodness I'd worn that helmet that always has made me look incredibly dumb... it saved my head, which smacked the ground pretty hard.

Got the cart sort of repaired enough to use it , and as I ground drove Cherry, my friends held the shafts of the cart up behind her. She was VERY scared, but did alright. There was no way of re-hitching her, so we let it go at that. We doctored all of her boo-boos, and washed the sweat off of her and walked her until she was cool. I know she had to have been bruised, but when I checked her, she didn't really show much discomfort.

Then, the next week, I thought to ask a working student if she'd like to ride Cherry. Sure, she'd like to. Got Cherry tacked up and the gal up in the saddle. She had Just turned Cherry around to head down the aisle a little, when all hell broke loose. Cherry turned into a 14hh bucking rodeo horse !  Tossed the gal on the hard aisleway floor, and ran into her stall, totally in fear of being hit. The gal was alright, albeit a little sore on her behind from landing so hard.  Again- thank goodness !  I checked Cherry later on and discovered a very sore spot right behind her withers. It took that long to show itself.

So Cherry got a couple of weeks 'off' to get over it all, and when I took her down to the ring to do some ground driving, she was scared to be there. We practiced going around and thru the cones. Once she got over the initial fear,  she settled down and started thinking again. We have gone right back to the beginning again w/ both ponies in training. De-sensitation BIG time- giant blue tarps, tossing cones all over and under them both, as well as many other 'scary' items. Cherry was more than frightened of it all, but Rose ?  She all but yawned in boredom. Still she's going to drag a big truck tire and much more before I hitch either pony again. I have done this with All of the horses I've trained to drive and never had such a fear incident happen before. I'd been told she knew about being driven and had been worked steadily up to last Fall. Lesson learned- and the next time my poor little banged up cart is used, there won't be a chance for a run-away pony trying to kill it again.

So far so good... just a pretty miserable way to spend a humid summer instead of teaching a new pony to become a dressage type..... < sigh >

It seems we had two little peepies hatched from Liza and Widget about a week ago. Widgets' peep is going to be pure white, and Lizas' was to be like Chocolate. She's a Buckeye hen.... chocolate brown with iridescence on her wings. Really quite beautiful.  Sadly last night, Liza had taken her little one into Breeze's stall to peck at misc. items, and as I led Breeze into it, she was so startled by the two chickens, that she jumped and kicked out at them. Liza had a torn toenail which bled pretty well, but her little peepie had the fuzz taken right off it's little bottom. I had hopes that it would pull thru as it was walking around alright when I left them in the "nursery" ( all clean and fresh with water and feed in it) over night. Alas, this morning, I found Liza attempting to keep it warm and with a very cold dead baby. I feel SO terrible over this- if only I'd been more careful about where Liza had gone...

Other than those items, the month has gone along alright. The heat/ humidity of summer has arrived at long last, and no one in the barn is happy about it. Even the horses don't like being sweaty all the time. The drafters are happily in their stalls w/ their box fans on, and the "long tailed" horses are all outside grazing.

We  have planned a mini summer camp here in July and August... Let's hope someone shows interest. Lost another boarder but ended up owning her mare. I've always liked the mare, and now she's mine. She will be a big asset for lessons , I am sure.

Tomorrow begins the " pony" lessons for those two gals who've proven themselves as responsible working students. It should be an interesting morning.
I'll try to get photos at least ! Stay tuned..... In the meantime, stay cool, all.

below are photos of Liza and her peep at one day old, then Widget and her peep.

Friday, May 9, 2014

What's been going on here.


Whew,  A LOT has been going on here. First- spring decided to arrive ever so pleasantly with warmer temperatures, sunshine, and the occasional shower. ( It IS true that April showers do bring May flowers , you know)

Horses have been shedding like mad, blowing winter coats All over the farm. There were giant Percheron "angels" left in the fields - big white patches from where they'd rolled in the dirt. Smaller brown/ black ones from the ponies having fun too. Then it got cooollldddd again, and shedding slowed to a standstill. Now they are all but done- slick,clean summer coats showing up- and many are dappled. 'Dappling' is a horse's way of showing the good care they are getting... We have blacks with darker dapples, pure whites with dapples, bays and more. I love it !

There are plenty of working students around now, thanks to a super article in the local newspaper about our barn and what we "do" here. The Sentinel paper called me, and a wonderful gal came out to do an interview. I felt oh so special !

And it has prompted folks to call, enquiring about our farm - so thanks SO much to the Sentinel paper for wanting to do an article.... ( pssst- we even made front page)

My Farm & Ranch Living diary was published as well- remember last April, my mentioning how I was keeping a month long diary about the farm ? It turned out very nice and Everyone was happy to read it at long last. The photos taken by Cove Creek Photography were wonderful ( thanks Karen !)
I am SO pleased to have more folks learn about us and the fun we all have here.

The American Draft Ponies have settled in perfectly. Cherry and I have been getting to drive finally after the mud, colds and cold weather. She is SUPER, and I'm really loving having to harness small drafters than those 18 hand tall ones now. I have found that I can feed TWO draft ponies with the same amounts of feed/ hay for One draft horse. Much easier on the wallet...

We have also been riding ! Meghan is making payments to buy my black Percheron mare, Abby. Normally I wouldn't do this but those two have 'clicked' so perfectly, that it was just " meant to be". So Meg will own her own draft mare after lusting after owning a Thoroughbred gelding !  Funny how the perfect horse sometimes comes in the wrong 'body', isn't it ? Below are a couple of photos of them on the first few rides here. ( Abby knew Nothing of being ridden, but was always a driving/ show horse, so we're moving along slowly as to not let her get confused and therefore, frightened.)

Taylor and Alex ( both working students) are helping me train Cherry & Rose to be better riding ponies... Alex Loves Rosie n' Taylor has gotten real fond of Cherry. Kate adores Cherry as well. I just love them ALL. 

Below are a couple of photos of Cherry being a super-duper driving pony...

Andddddd, here's Cherry n' Taylor during a riding lesson - 
 I shall have to get some more pix of Alex riding her 'project pony' Rose.

I almost forgot to add in the newest addition to the farm :
  PIPER ! 
He is a Jack Russell 'terrorist'- 8 weeks old on May 11th, and he's been learning how to be a proper "barn buddy" for me. He Loves going to the barn and his antics make us all laugh.

And happily enough, that's about the news from WoodFinn. OTHER than having Three hens setting on lots of eggs. Harmony, Widget And Liza all have plenty of eggs to hatch, so they should at least have "small" families in a couple of weeks.
Stay tuned !!