Saturday, June 11, 2016

It's June.

This past week has been GORGEOUS weather wise!!! Cool temperatures,sunshine,a great breeze . Very few flies here too- I love it. Folks have been riding and apparently, having a grand time from the smiles I have been seeing.

Due to it being SO nice this past week, the horses living here stayed out 24/7 and really enjoyed themselves. Tonight, we're back to having them come in when they are supposed to. I think we ALL enjoyed not having stalls to clean. ( I do the night horse stalls, but now, that's easy-breezy.)

Always have had a good time "horse watching" during this lifetime. One learns a LOT by merely observation when it comes to equines. It has been fun watching the drafts meet the 'littles' ! Rusty is still the self assigned 'watcher' of the farm and if anything is different ? He melts down mentally and EVERYone knows it.

We are getting another horse at the farm- another TB. I hope she mixes in as well as all of the others have.  Stay tuned....  

As the cliche` goes- "What goes on at the barn, Stays at the barn"
And it will.  Hope your day is the best !!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Oh My !!


I know- another addition to this blog the very Next Day!

Ever since the creation of cell phones that are actually so much more, I have friends who shared some great photos with me.

Did you know that horses like 'selfies' too? Here (and apparently in many other barns) the horses like taking them just when we humans want to take a great little photo of them being 'cute' or beautiful or whatever.

Lately some have just cracked me up because I know these horses living here so well. Each has it's own distinct personality and like we humans, come with their own set of 'emotional baggage'. Given a chance each one does learn to being relaxed, content and yes, I like to believe, happy.

So, hold onto yer hats- here we go....

This is Flash- he is here on trial and obviously knows all about selfies! He will touch the phone and loves to take his own picture.

 BoJangles has taken some of himself on my phone- and considers it when other folks here try to get his photo.

                                    Guess who again...

this is one of our American Draft Ponies, Rose (aka "pumpkin")
They are the chubbiest ponies in the barn and is forever begging 'horse treats' !

                   Rusty, coming in for a perfect selfie!
Haha- this mare belongs to a friend- apparently, word has spread about these things called phones.

 This nose belonged to my Percheron mare when she was young enough to stick her nose out. She took a few selfies of a nostril of hers, but I lost it when I switched cellphones.
This guy is a true comic.... he's just a fun horse to have known.

Next, "Horse Nozes" !

Thursday, June 2, 2016

It's May ! < happy dance >

Anddddd, all we've had is rain..... one nice day, the next 3-4 - yes, rain. This year, so far has had some good things and bad things happening.

I ( usually) choose to dwell on the good things, so apologies to those who read my 'rant'. Normally, I am not like that, but the slander continues and won't leave me alone.  That is the "excuse'' from me, trivial as it is- and it has been moving on time. I have
( :) Life is to short now to deal with that sort of thing.

Good thing: After surgery on 3/1/16, I am good to go. No hip joint pain at all.Still some muscle healing ( and omgosh- itching) and still getting used to following the 'rules' I have been told to follow, but generally it's Great to have no pain in that joint! I have been constantly finding out how crooked I had been for SO long- now these body parts are learning again that things are not crooked. This has been an interesting trip, let me tell ya.

Good thing- we have a Wonderful equine dentist  AND now a great equine massage therapist! ( If you are reading this- you know who you are < winks>) So busily getting that all in line and accomplished.

GOOD thing-  The folks who make hay for the horses to eat here tell me it is looking great in the fields!  < YAY> Now to find the money to buy it once it's baled..... it will come from somewhere, I hope. Perhaps Santa will bring an early gift ?

One of the gals at the barn has finally found 'The Horse'- we hope! She's been looking for a time and I thing she hit paydirt. Stay tuned on that one.

Lately, fox have been stealing my chickens- at least 5 by now. A friend's hubby drove out and shot one last winter, but we both know there are a kazillion more. I set up a trail camera and actually caught the tail end of one!

See below.... Obviously it is shedding, but it's a fox alright. The camera gets moved all the time, so perhaps I can catch anything/one who is up there at night.

The hen is Gwen- she's so curious and there are a few of her photos.. Did I happen to post one of my photos of another chicken?

Lynn apparently is curious too- I had one photo of a huge nostril earlier. Was it BoJangles or Lynn's? Who knows.

 We have a new rooster named Issac. (with thanks to a friend who 'found' him for me) 
 He's very handsome and is ( so far) well behaved. The girls adore him- especially Chocolate... they're always together.

It's good to have a true friend.... even if it is a chicken, I guess. Right now, he is standing outside my office window, crowing...

We celebrated my birthday over Memorial Day- I am officially 'OLD' now.  Lately I've been enjoying the peace and solitude this farm brings me, but have found myself wanting to not have as much hard work to accomplish.  A farm is hard to keep up with and being achy just creates a harder part to deal with. Oh well- I'll no doubt be into horses for a long time yet.

The horses are all being happy campers now- it is wonderful to have them back to normal. Yesterday, the old folks got a full body massage and you should have seen Lynda (age 25) tooling down the hill at a nice free walk!  Wow, maybe I will be next for a massage. She's back to telling me all kinds of fun stuff, 
and I love it.

 As May is actually over and it's June already, I guess I should have named this entry " June", eh ?

Thanks so much for following and reading- hope you enjoy this blog!