Saturday, April 12, 2014

Vaccines !


Last week, I gave my personal horses their first installment of spring vaccines. Everyone was fine with my giving them 'shots' and got horse cookies right afterwards... I swear, some look forward to them .
"Ok, I stood still while you poked holes in me- can I have my cookie now ???"

Abby, who for all her size and power, is the most scared of getting shots. Anything that smells the least bit of rubbing alcohol makes her nervous. This year she really was quite wonderful. ( and yes, she got her cookie ;)

The new girls, Cherry & Rose, were Very well behaved. Cherry, who wears her heart on her leg, was a little nervous about it all, but a peppermint helped her get over it. Rose ? Not a problem at all- she just stood there, gazing at what ever horses look at when asked to be still. Tomorrow, I HOPE to get at least one of these girls hitched and driving. I can't Wait !

This morning, in addition to our equine vet coming to administer vaccines, we had a reporter from a local newspaper visit. She had been asked to do an article on what we offer here and she snapped a few photos while Lynn was out in the crossties being groomed. Then we sat in the tack room and chatted about misc items going on at our farm this year. I HOPE it turns out really well and am excited to know we will get some positive advertisement too. It is so nice that folks find out about this farm as it's So different from many horse farms in the area. Here, we have fun learning- yep, I even learn some new things... and when seriousness is required, we can be serious too. Its' hard work though.

Ever since the April diary in Farm & Ranch Living magazine published the diary I kept, we have met some super folks. They have been calling or emailing to find out more of the farm, and to say how much they enjoyed the diary!  Last week, there were some fellows who stopped over- they brought a great little guy named Luke who really loved horses. I took them on a short tour of the pastures, and barn, introducing them all to the horses. Luke, being short and deformed, had a tough time seeing the Percherons, but our full view doors made it more simple for him to meet them all. It was nice that they decided to stop over.

Spring has Finally sprung here ! It's been warmer ( which feels soooooooooooo good after all of that cold) and the daffodils have bloomed by the house. The very small Holly bush is bouncing back with teeny green leaves forming. ( Lynn had been " tasting" it during the winter, and I thought it had died)  It will be fun to see all of the perennials returning too.

The hens have been wandering about, searching for worms. Yesterday, during the rains, there were a few down here actually finding some. I imagine the Robin sitting on the metal gate wasn't so happy to see someone else finding "their" worms, but the hens sure liked it.  Who ever said that chickens didn't eat "meat'' is SO incorrect ! These hen love hamburger, all sorts of bugs, and of course, the ever popular worm snacks.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Welcome April


Wow, the weather is Finally acting a little more like Spring here in central Pennsylvania.

Since we decided to switch from drafters to draft Ponies, life has been interesting... Draft sized items for sale, and learning just what to purchase for the two 14hh ponies. I know "what" I need, but the sizes are all different. A drafter pal of mine bought my biothane work harness for her Percherons, giving the money to order a small version of a driving harness. It was fun talking to the Amish harness shops' owner and ordering a brand spankin' new little harness for Cherry to wear. I already own one that fits Rose perfectly. It'll be so nice to not have to resize one harness for 2-3 big horses.

 Everyone has gotten past having upper respiratory problems, thanks to little Rosie bringing hers along with her when she moved in. No more troubles at all now. Boarders are leaving and others are coming- so life goes on concerning that.

There are some super gals as working students here now!  I am in heaven- no drama, no grumpies, just laughter in the barn at last. Sometimes, I wish I was independently wealthy, I wouldn't have to deal with other folks' horses then. The people who have their horses here now are simply grand- and I adore them all. So, perhaps it IS good to care for other's horses ? Ok- talked myself into it.  The BEST part of being independently wealthy would be that I wouldn't have to clean stalls any more !  Now that would be superb.

Anyhow- back to the folks at the barn... It's wonderful to have some responsible people coming here. They want to learn how to care for horses correctly,and more. So often, that part of horse keeping isn't taught- the parts like how to clean a stall the right way ( yeah- there really IS one ;) , how to correctly and efficiently groom one's horse. How to tack up and have all adjusted so the horse is comfortable as well as the rider ; just a few things that aren't well known around this area. ( All over, for that matter)  This coming May, we are holding a Driving Clinic- I hope it's not a "flop" like so many things lately. Then, during the summer, a summer morning camp.

Spring is arriving- the grass is trying to get green, the forsythia has teeny buds on it and the daffodils are up. This past winter has been so hard on this farm- and it's inhabitants, from the giant draft horses right down to the smallest hen. Speaking of hens- I removed all of the 'winterized' items a couple of weeks ago. Now, RC stands looking out the windows, waiting for me to come open their door for the day. Oh- and crowing his fool head off....

I had kept a month long diary for the month of April, for Farm & Ranch Living magazine last year, and the issue finally was published !  It turned out really well too- I was surprised at the photos chosen and how a very small amount had been changed. Everyone at the barn was thrilled to see it 'on paper' and we felt like acting like celebrities ! < big grins here>

I hope to keep up with this blog more, now that winter is over and no one is sick or getting sick. Stay tuned for more tales from me !
                 In the meantime- we FINALLY got the farms' sign installed  :

Anddddd, a couple of Pony Pictures !

Cherry, above

Rose above.... Apparently, Rose is competing for the 
Dirtiest Pony Award of the Week.