Monday, June 26, 2017


And the livin' is easy. 
Well, at least how the song lyrics go. Hope everyone is enjoyin' their summer time.

No vacations this year, not much going on but caring for da horses, and hens.  Speaking of the hens, the little peeps are no longer little peeps. They are growing up- their voices are changing too! It's so fun to listen to them. The one flighty one is the worst. She sounds like a rusty nail scratching on a black board.  Sparkle's voice has changed to a nice mature hen sound,but Star ? Omgawd.

This week is supposed to be delightful !!!  Cooler, and the best part, lower humidity. Life outdoors is so much harder when it is higher than say 55%.  So it has been busy around here... mowing pastures, cob-webbing in the barn and much more. This is in addition to all the other things that go along w/ owning a small horse farm. It is hard squeezing it all into those days where one doesn't run out of steam. So far, so good though!

I had to clip the rest of BoJangles' winter coat this week. Even though his winter coat shed out, it's still a heavy "summer" one left. He now is sporting a "not so good" trace clip- but at least he's cooler. Evidently, his DSLD has begun spreading to the rest of his body and Cushing's Disease is setting in.  I will see how he does this year and get him on some meds for it if he needs it. Poor ol' guy- he is just the sweetest.

Riding lessons are going well, and life is good here. Ha- til temps go back up to the 90's and get more miserable. Have a wonderful week!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Lots Goin' On!


Today is  "D-Day" - make sure to say a prayer of thanks for those brave men who died that day, trying to help us stay free...

Let's see- Seems to me that I missed May completely. It was a good month- and a bad month. Two non-paying boarders moved their horses to another farm. One because it was so close to her house and the other ? Who knows.  Horses are relaxed, and turn outs are easy breezy. The last weekend in May was my birthday. Oh- and Memorial day too. I joke w/ folks, saying that people have parades, picnics and fireworks "just to celebrate my birthday" !  ( I really do know better)  It was wonderful- my older sister and younger brother came up from Maryland to visit with cake and gifts. They even sang happy birthday. It was so nice to be able to visit with them for a while. We went out for a late lunch and then they had to go. Every time I wished they could stay longer.

The remaining hens have settled in pretty well by now. There are three black hens. one lavender hen, one little Cochin bantam hen, and two "teenagers". Both hens also... One lavender and one weird looking thing that I was calling "pecker head" for a while. She is now named "Star".  She was left here by one of the gals who moved her horse, and it is nothing like my fat farm hens. She's flighty, silly, and Always on guard for monsters. ( you know those 'monsters' that like to sneak around, scaring the life out of chickens, right ?) Also- Gracie is here still. She's my bantam Silkie. Below is Gracie having her photo taken by my trail camera!

Been hitching n' driving Briana some. Mostly it has been raining here, so the footing wasn't the best for driving. We did drive down the road one time- Briana thought it was interesting to be going somewhere else. She's such a sweetie. My husband calls her " little Evie" because of how she acts and looks.
This was Evie, andddddd
                              This is Briana...

Much smaller but just as smart and funny too. Never did I think that I'd fall in love with a 13.1 hand PONY, but I have. She's as much fun as one of my Percheron's only in a smaller package.

 Hay is being cut up here in Penciltucky finally. Soon our hay loft will be full of sweet,fresh green hay.I always love having hay up before Fall... it is nice to know that when the snow falls, we are prepared.  Back in Maryland, I imagine they're on their second cutting of hay. We are a good 2 weeks behind them.

Plenty of rain means plenty of grass... And Weeds.  Yuck-I have been mowing weeds like mad, trying to let the grass grow instead. It's working slowly. I know how to create lush green pastures, but up here ? Ha- no extra money for fertilizer, lime or weed killer.  So, I mow.

That's about it for now- hope your week goes great.