Friday, March 14, 2014

Now What ???


I like the date today....It rolls off one's tongue easily.

So far this week, LOTS has happened. One of the ponies that shipped in at TWO AM this past Saturday has a cold. It began w/ a cough similar to clearing one's throat. I took her temperature that evening, and she was 'cooking'. ( 104!!)  Called our veterinarian who told me to give her some Banamine to get her temp down, and that I could drive over to her place to get the meds and get Rose started on some antibiotics. The next AM ? Rose was hungry and met me at her stall door. She's feeling much better now, thank goodness.

Yesterday, as I was putting breakfast feed in tubs, I noticed Alli ( my ancient App mare) wasn't eating. Odd, because unless something is Very wrong Alli ALWAYS is hungry. It seemed that she had something going on with her neck... she'd not lift it up, and kept bobbing her head back towards her front legs.  ''Pain, it hurts bad !''

Soooooooooooooo , try as I might to Not have another giant vet bill, I called our vet and had her stop over on her way home that day. We were both mystified over Alli's condition and decided she must have wrenched her old self in the mud, and from having a new hoof trim on Monday...  So she'll be on bute til Sunday. This morning, she was whinnying for her breakfast, and looked MUCH happier.  YAY.

Rose also got checked out. NO chest congestion at all which was real good news! It's just a head cold, and the antibiotics will knock it but good.

Weather wise, it's been wicked cold with high winds. It blows that coldness right thru clothing. Today is supposed to reach 40 degrees, and warmer tomorrow ! Then ?  A nasty cold front with rain or snow is on it's way for next week. Personally ? I am so over winter by now, it's depressing.... < grins>

All in all, these past 3 months have been hard on us, but we've made it thru and soon it will HAVE to be warmer !

I know plenty of folks around here are anxious to have the sun out and be warmer- add me to that long list.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

It is MARCH !!!

I seem to have missed February some how. Ah well, it was a miserable month, with COLD weather, lots of snow and wicked wind chills.  We are all glad to have that month out of the way.

And so it is March already. So far we have dodged one bad snow storm which hammered many other areas but not ours.  < Yay !> It has been terribly cold and windy. March is Definately coming in "like a lion'' this year.

We have kept the chickens safe n' sound, the horses happy with NO health problems at all this winter, and I don't know about you, but I am SO ready for warmer weather.  The ancients came thru winter really well too. Alli n' Chance look super.

Many changes going on here at the farm. We are getting out of Percherons, and into American Driving Ponies. These are under pony heights at 14.2 and under... they need to look like down sized drafters. We have purchased TWO black mares- who'll be arriving here this Friday. I cannot wait to see them. They are shipping in from Ohio and both ride/ drive - single n' double.  Riding/and driving lessons and shows.

So introducing Cherry- blaze & Rose ....

This is going to be a great year here at WoodFinn !
So far we're planning a Pleasure Driving Clinic, a tack cleaning day,
AND a summer pony camp for local kids.

Most of this is still in the works, but if you know of someone who'd enjoy joining us for any- give us a call !

717 567 6615

Hopefully I will stay more updated here .