Sunday, March 26, 2017

See ya, March


A few more days and March will be over with. There's a saying about March- "in like a lion, out like a lamb".....  however, not this year. So far, it has been winter, spring, one day of almost summertime and a snow storm. March can't seem to make up her mind!

As most horse people know, this is the time of year we all walk about covered in at least *some* horse hair. Shedding season- where horses' bodies realize it is time to lose that heavy winter hair and the summer coat returns. Therefore- we humans have the joys of horse hair Everywhere: eyes, eye lashes, all over clothing, in our mouth,nose and well- just everywhere! Ah, such is the life of a horse owner. My Percherons have been leaving giant 'hair' angels in the fields from rolling- big white ones.

The hens started laying again and I'm inundated with eggs. Everyone who comes here leaves w/ a dozen free range eggs from my girls. A pal has borrowed my incubator to see how she could do in hatching some fertile eggs and a few days ago, the hatching began!  So far she has ( I think) four peepies. A couple are mine and the rest belong to her. I think she did a fantastic job too!  This one is hopefully coming to our farm:

It had Just hatched...  A brand new little life in it's infancy. :)

 Lots of things in the plans for this year, now I have to get moving on the actual planning of them. Life at the barn is Wonderful right now! Other than some tragedies happening, we are good to go.

And so it goes- we are looking forward to April and all that might come along with it.
Hope yours is good too !