Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Rain, rain and yet MORE rain


Holy smokes- we have had Lots of rain this summer ! In fact it is raining today, which is why I'm getting caught up on things. I really hope this doesn't equate to the amount of snow coming this winter. Pastures are green as can be, and I've been mowing weeds- plus Grass, thanks to all of it.

Been a bit of a bad / stressful month here at the farm..... Our little American Draft Pony, Rose, started it all with runny manure and a fever. Called in the vet who said it may well be just the beginnings of Potomac Horse Fever. ( spread by Mayflies of which there are millions this year) Luckily Rose eats anything put in front of her ( another reason she's a little "fluffy")and gobbled down her medicine with ease. It was a week before she began making cow floppy piles and another couple of days before she was back to her bothersome antics again. She's fine now- but then Lynn came down w/ the same symptoms. By then I knew what was going on and started her on the Doxycycline too. A few days of crampy fever and sloppy manure, and she was getting better too. All of the girls were on this for 10 days, with pain-killers/ anti inflammatories if needed. I'm so glad I have learned to keep copious notes & info in the past. Due to having three horses feeling bad, keeping track of temps, meds and more, I've got it all written down !

Last was my sweet Cherry.... she would Not touch her feed tub if it had anything But grain in it. Soooooooooo- she had a 'cocktail' in a dose syringe each evening. She too, is finally feeling better - temperature is down, she's eating ( yelling to me from her pasture to "HURRY UP !") and soon she too will be all done w/ treatment.  Whewwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

The two peeps are growing like weeds. Widgets' peep is taller than she is by now. A young fellow wanted to name her, and her official name is "Patricia". I have no idea where he came up with that, but lets' hope Patricia IS a hen ! Reminds me of that song, " A Boy Named Sue'' ??  Hotwheels' peep is a lovely white w/ black/ grey feathers intermingled- very pretty. Again- not totally sure if it's a he or a she... stay tuned for baby's practicing a crow. *( ugh- don't want any roosters)

Other than rain, we've had a lot of lessons going on-  working students and paying students. Slowly getting winters hay stored up in the loft.... thank gosh this wonderful farmer contacted me about buying hay last year ! It is Gorgeous and makes the barn smell delicious. ( yes- only a horse woman enjoys that smell)

The working students and myself held a Horse Wash a couple of weeks ago. Almost all of the horses here got a much needed bath . We were all wet and filthy afterwards, but the horses were gorgeous.

We are planning an End of Summer Barn Bash soon. That should be great fun- pizzas', drinks, and a sleep over for those who want to stay. I imagine there will be folks in the hayloft, and all over the tack room floor, trying to sleep. I'm not going to be there- I'll be in my nice soft bed ! Getting to creaky for sleeping on floors any more.

Hope your summer has gone perfectly- ours sure has. (well, Other than sick equines of three).

Alex tries out the new foaming horse shampoo-er.

Abby had her turn also....

But she decided to shake her soapy mane at everyone !

Cherry was a princess , as usual.

the chickens were wondering if it was dinnertime, what with all of the people here

Rosie was so dirty, one could 'write' their name on her side.

the end results were Wonderful ! 
Below is Abby n' Meghan.

 Cherry has gorgeous dapples...

love this head shot of Cherry.

The greys are almost a bright silver:

then BoJangles

 Lynn out in the ring...

last but not least, Rose !