Sunday, March 13, 2016

Welcome March..... I think

Welcome March

What a lot of changes have happened since the first of the year! We had 4 rescues in, and they were happily eating a TON of feed and  hay... but looking better daily. Each one had a human who loved them, and they really enjoyed life here.

Then, it came to light that I could no longer do the heavy work in the barn. My hip hurt SO badly and my back was screaming in just handling the normal day to day items. Luckily some of the gals here pulled together and while I waited to get this hip replaced, they kept the barn going.

March,1st was my hip replacement ( yep- a brand NEW hip joint) surgery and I'm just 13 days out of it. I am walking without a cane,no longer needing a walker, and in the process of weaning myself off the super (Opioids) drugs for the pain. Let me tell ya- it was no fun. Once Glenn & I got organized on where, when and how, life was more comfy.Now, I am finally on the upswing from the initial pain and am able to walk w/out my hip hurting. It is just pain from the surgery and muscles being cut and pulled, etc.   YAY !!!   Stay tuned - I'm looking forward to a great summer.

Two gals who fell in love w/ two of my 'rescues' ended up owning them, and today the mares left to live on another farm.  I wish the owners the best- and even more so for those two mares.

So that leaves me with 8 horses in the barn- pretty simple work. I'm NOT considering any more horses in here other than maybe a Paying boarder or two in the future...Will have to see how I feel , come summertime.  Once my little draft pony,Toby, is paid for, he will leave for his new home too- but that's mid summer. Holly has a new person too and has sadly moved on- By the time Toby leaves, this farm will be set for another boarder ! MAYBE.

I own Lynn, BoJangles, Briana and Shonee and care for Rose, Toby, Jae and Rusty as boarders.  This spring will be wonderful as I won't feel so overwhelmed w/ caring for so many horses.

We have a new addition to the chicken flock- "Molly"- who was born here in mid February . She lives in a tote in my garden tub. She's goin to be very pretty, once all of her feathers come in.

And that's the news from our farm- hope your springtime is coming to life too.