Friday, May 9, 2014

What's been going on here.


Whew,  A LOT has been going on here. First- spring decided to arrive ever so pleasantly with warmer temperatures, sunshine, and the occasional shower. ( It IS true that April showers do bring May flowers , you know)

Horses have been shedding like mad, blowing winter coats All over the farm. There were giant Percheron "angels" left in the fields - big white patches from where they'd rolled in the dirt. Smaller brown/ black ones from the ponies having fun too. Then it got cooollldddd again, and shedding slowed to a standstill. Now they are all but done- slick,clean summer coats showing up- and many are dappled. 'Dappling' is a horse's way of showing the good care they are getting... We have blacks with darker dapples, pure whites with dapples, bays and more. I love it !

There are plenty of working students around now, thanks to a super article in the local newspaper about our barn and what we "do" here. The Sentinel paper called me, and a wonderful gal came out to do an interview. I felt oh so special !

And it has prompted folks to call, enquiring about our farm - so thanks SO much to the Sentinel paper for wanting to do an article.... ( pssst- we even made front page)

My Farm & Ranch Living diary was published as well- remember last April, my mentioning how I was keeping a month long diary about the farm ? It turned out very nice and Everyone was happy to read it at long last. The photos taken by Cove Creek Photography were wonderful ( thanks Karen !)
I am SO pleased to have more folks learn about us and the fun we all have here.

The American Draft Ponies have settled in perfectly. Cherry and I have been getting to drive finally after the mud, colds and cold weather. She is SUPER, and I'm really loving having to harness small drafters than those 18 hand tall ones now. I have found that I can feed TWO draft ponies with the same amounts of feed/ hay for One draft horse. Much easier on the wallet...

We have also been riding ! Meghan is making payments to buy my black Percheron mare, Abby. Normally I wouldn't do this but those two have 'clicked' so perfectly, that it was just " meant to be". So Meg will own her own draft mare after lusting after owning a Thoroughbred gelding !  Funny how the perfect horse sometimes comes in the wrong 'body', isn't it ? Below are a couple of photos of them on the first few rides here. ( Abby knew Nothing of being ridden, but was always a driving/ show horse, so we're moving along slowly as to not let her get confused and therefore, frightened.)

Taylor and Alex ( both working students) are helping me train Cherry & Rose to be better riding ponies... Alex Loves Rosie n' Taylor has gotten real fond of Cherry. Kate adores Cherry as well. I just love them ALL. 

Below are a couple of photos of Cherry being a super-duper driving pony...

Andddddd, here's Cherry n' Taylor during a riding lesson - 
 I shall have to get some more pix of Alex riding her 'project pony' Rose.

I almost forgot to add in the newest addition to the farm :
  PIPER ! 
He is a Jack Russell 'terrorist'- 8 weeks old on May 11th, and he's been learning how to be a proper "barn buddy" for me. He Loves going to the barn and his antics make us all laugh.

And happily enough, that's about the news from WoodFinn. OTHER than having Three hens setting on lots of eggs. Harmony, Widget And Liza all have plenty of eggs to hatch, so they should at least have "small" families in a couple of weeks.
Stay tuned !!

Happy Mothers' Day !!!!


Tomorrow is "Mothers' Day"....Hopefully a wonderful day to show moms everywhere how much they are appreciated. Husbands, significant others, and kids are included. I can remember when my mom was still alive, it was a great day. We'd all let her sleep in, ( well til' 8 AM) fix breakfast for her and then we got to go out to a favorite restaurant for a special dinner.  All for "MoM".

There are no moms here any more for my husband & I, so Mothers' Day isn't a big deal. No kids either- but for those who come to hang out w/ horses...

BUT !  There is a reason for all of this.  I saw a cool article in the Barnmice website Just for Moms of horse crazy kids, and here it is :

I read it and would like to join the author of this in wishing every mom ; For all moms- whether you are a mom to a four legged animal, or dozens, whether you're a mom to two legged ones, or yeah- dozens.