Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May 2011

 It's May....  The "april showers" should be done with by now, flowers are blooming like mad, the grass has Already been mowed twice, and needs it again.  And STILL it rains.  Most horse folk are totally tired of the rain and will whine at any given moment about not being able to ride, use their rings to train in, or in my case, drive my horses. If the sunshine is out, the ring is muck. So the sun leaves behind heavy rain clouds and it rains on us.

I am so far behind in conditioning my mares that it is just plain sad. I'll try to remember to add some pictures of our RAIN . I think there was one or two very pleasant spring days in April- but only from one's ankles , Up. The rest of the time there were high temperatures of 80 degrees, and the humidity was about as bad.  Sometimes its as though Mother Nature is trying to tell me to just give it up, and go eat bon-bons in the house.

Here are some of the flooding photos from this past month :
This is BoJangles. I don't believe he was clean much at all last month...

We had flooding in the creek... HIGH water

Abby in the muck...  Yuck

Wicked bad storm clouds this evening along with tornado watches/ warnings:

See my ring ?  Lovely, ehhhhhh ?

this is the Other side of it....

A closer shot of it- this water was a good foot deep :

Another one of our creek... at one point, it had to be a good 5' deep.

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