Saturday, June 15, 2013

June. and the barn is FULL .


It seems that the gods of good fortune have finally begun smiling on this small plot of land we call 'home'.... Our barn ( horse that is) is FULL- no more room for any other horses. We now have Five ( yes, count 'em ) FIVE boarders here. All of the stalls are filled with beautiful, sleek, shining equines.

Of course, this meant the 'girls' had to be moved out of what was known as "The Hen Stall". Much to their dismay, their poor little eraser brains had to kick into actual thought this past week. It has been interesting trying to teach 13 hens that they can no longer live in a 12 x13' box stall at night. Instead, they have to act like Chickens ( !!) and sleep in the hen's house . There were some rough evenings, lemme tell you. Chasing elusive hens all over the farm gets frustrating...  Finally most of them come a-running when it is dinner time. I have hens in front of me, in back of me, and along side of me as I walk to their house with a container of chicken feed. So far, so good with them learning to sleep in a different place.

Also, there's a make shift fence up as well. It keeps RC in but the smaller girls scoot right underneath the fencing. RC is the main chicken I want contained because he's so liable to attack a human now.

We had a whopper thunderstorm move thru here a few days ago, dropping 2" of rain on the farm. I saw ducks swimming in the ring the next morning ! It was perfect timing for grass growing but not for the farmers wanting to make hay for the year.....

Our 'rescue' kitty, Paddy, got neutered a couple of weeks ago and he's right back to being a terror. He's just not as aggressive when playing now. Shadow, our black house cat, sometimes gets SO mad at Paddy that it sounds like small lions are loose in the house.Below is a shot of mine of Sadie n' Shadow sharing her bed. All of our animals get along really well ...

and Paddy !

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