Tuesday, June 26, 2012

All kinds of new stuff !

We have been busy lately- getting things neatened up, cleaned up and < oh my>  Put Away ! I took an afternoon to work in the tack room last week. Only half of it, mind you. The half where all of the riding equipment is stored. Racks for saddles, bridles, boarders equipment tubs, and a movable saddle rack with three of my saddles on it. Everything got pulled away from the walls on the left side, and the carpet swept as well as one could. Then I re-arranged the tack boxes, slid the movable saddle rack over to the other side. This way, ALL of the boarders items now are on one side, while my tack is on the other, along with a BIG picture window, and the "feed" area.  I'll have to get some pictures of it. Its much more organized now, and easy to get to things.

Then the next day or so, I got busy in the Other half of the tack room. Again- ALL items pulled out, sweeping of much crud and mouse pooh accomplished. Oddly enough, I found things I'd not seen in a good long time ! I found two pairs of rubber boots for rainy weather, a box full of gauze 4x4'' pads and more. The older drafter show harness was re-placed, the pretty table was moved, and wiped down, the books got re-organized for reading, the chairs cleaned off, and many things were simply tossed because I didn't need to keep them any longer. And things were really looking nice again.

There are a few working students here who have really proven their worth. They're willing to help when needed, and make our barn so much happier.

 Two more horses are moving in next weekend, so I need to convince the two Lavender youngsters that they must behave like chickens ( which they ARE) and sleep in the hen house with the others.

The little goatie girls will be moved to the end of the barn where their new 'stall' will be. Of course, until I sell a cart, one is going to be sitting in the aisle at that end of the barn , but it will work fine. I need to buy a 12' gate for one side of their new stall ( we are dividing one in half) and a way to let them in /out will need to be created too. ALL by this coming weekend !  I found a perfect gate for them at a near by farm store, and will go get that tomorrow, so half of it will be accomplished.

It has been a busy couple of weeks, but enjoyable. Summer is here and among some VERY hot days, there have been delightful summer days with low temperatures and low humidity. I wish THAT summer weather would just stay .

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