Sunday, December 8, 2013

Tis Almost Christmastime !


Yes indeed it is. Plans are being made here for our annual Christmas party at the farm- Next Saturday evening. If you'd like to come, feel welcome !

On our farm at Christmas, it feels almost magical. Sometimes snow falls, sometimes not. At any rate, we're nice n' cozy inside this little house. The hay loft  is full of delicious smelling hay and so long as I don't get mixed up in making sure there's plenty of grain in the feed bin, we're set for a BIG snow.

Lots of baking going on, and cookies galore - YUMMY. This time of year, I don't get concerned about eating very healthy. I figure next year I can get back to that. In the meantime- we enjoy.

Today we are expecting snow. It is pretty cold out side and from what I hear on the news, it should begin as snow, then sleet/ freezing rain into tomorrow, then rain. Yuck. I'd prefer a little snow instead of all that, but hey, Mother Nature has her way no matter what I think ! Right now ? Nothing but clouds and 23 degree temps outside.

The hens have been doing nicely in this cold weather. It is so funny to feed them in the mornings any more. They stay in their roosts til I come to open their front door, then it is similar to diving chicken competitions ! The littler ones come out first, then the middle sizes , and then the BIG chickens. IE- RC, Lilly and Daisy. Lilly sometimes waits til I get done spreading out their corn n' laying mash combo, and then she gets lifted off of the roost  by her 'human'... me.  Daisy has been molting ( yes, I explained to those girls that it's DECEMBER and they should have done this Much earlier) so she looks rather uggy. Some bare spots- especially on her butt, and other areas are positively mangy looking. There are feathers All over the place at the barn, and they tend to end up inside the barn, no matter what. She's getting her new feathers in now, as this morning, she didn't do the Kamikazi dive out the door.   RC comes leaping/ flying/ falling from his perch and lands with a very undignified thump. He's SO big and heavy, his wings are not powerful enough to do much 'flying'....  Once everyone is outside, they happily peck up all of their breakfast, and then the girls rush to their water at the barn for a drink. Then off to the wild blue yonder- known as the manure mountain - to find yummy chicken things to eat.

I hope everyone is getting their holiday items found and purchased- I did all of my holiday shopping online. Lately, the hoards of humans rushing about in stores isn't fun for me. I'm easily becoming a recluse - but not really. Just that crowds of people are not for me any more. This way, I can shop in my jammies and no one will mind !

Merry Christmas Early !!

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  1. Great photos. I wish you good Christmas !

    Regards, Inna - Agriculture in the Black Sea Region


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