Wednesday, July 9, 2014

VENT !!!!


Whoa, two posts in one day !

For those who are not wise as to the life of a horse person, I'll tell you a few things..  firstly, even though I can take some time "off" during the day, I have to be here all but 24/7 . Horses are like that- they need feed, stalls cleaned, water to drink and a lot more. If a horse gets sick- then whatever I'd had planned goes right out the window ( mind you- this usually happens on a Friday evening of a 3 day holiday weekend). I have had to cancel dates, parties, friends getting together and some really fun formal balls in the past. Most folks who own horses and do not board them will understand this. We do Not have time to waste on "no shows".

Twice now, just recently, I have had people call about boarding a horse here. One was all but frantic and the other had been fed up with the lack of care where their horses lived at the moment. BOTH made appointments with me, so they could meet me, see the barn, ask questions, etc....  BOTH of them even called me back to make sure they'd written the day / time correctly.

So I hang around and wait. Sure, there were many many other things I'd planned on getting done that afternoon, but noooooooooooo- I waited. Mowing was needing done, I have to drop some harness parts off to be repaired, and more. Let alone possibly taking a little road trip with my husband....

No One showed up- No One bothered to call to say they were not coming, nothing. To me ? That is Rude. I don't have spare time to sit around, waiting for people who don't have the good manners to let another know ( hello- cell phones in every single hand now a days ). And I sat here, patiently waiting and wasting yet another afternoon on a rude person to show up.


  1. That stinks...tire kickers are the worst type. They inquire, act sincere, and when it's time to put their feet where their mouth is, they disappear.

  2. Ugh.. that is my biggest pet peeve!!

  3. Sadly enough, this happens more often than not :(


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