Wednesday, October 13, 2010

October 13th, 2010

Things have been moving along it seems. We now have a super safe fence that travels the distance of the whole farm, width-wise. Its a no climb horse fence- and seems to have been Perfectly designed for idiot Percheron mares who insist its alright to Roll into wire fencing. Once I got to talk to the fellow who owns the fencing ( Fisher's Fencing) company, and he came out to take a look at what was needed, things really happened. They returned the Next Day and the new safe fence was done in a day and a half. Turns out they had a lull in-between another job and could fit this fence in easily. I love it, and here are some photos of it  installed :
This is standing at the gate, lookin' down the fence line. The guys are still working....

  This view is up the hill from the gate. See the unpainted hen house ?  Its' almost all re-painted by now !
I have ordered a new overhead door that will go on the front of the barn . It looks similar to a carriage house door, but is an over head one. I can't WAIT to see what its' going to look like.

We chose to not have the upper part of the barn covered in anything. Instead- and to save money, I'm trying to find someone with scaffolding to paint it. Deep red with deep, dark blue trim. It should look very colonial once its done.

Now to find someone to remove the old stall windows and put in new awning types for a small amount. Ha- small ???  I will be sure to sit down when I hear the quotes !

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