Friday, April 3, 2015

Welcome Springtime!


Old Man Winter has been working hard to remain, but I *think* Spring might be winning. March was wicked bad with snow, threats of snow and Cold temperatures here. Wind ?  Oh, my- wind....  I think March was confused because she 'went out like a lion' instead of that ever popular "lamb".

So far, April has been nice. Some cold, some rain ( like today) and lots of sunshine. THAT feels so wonderful, after such a bitter cold winter.

Breeze (our little abused Hackney mare) has returned to the farm after spending some time w/ friends.  There are lots of kids and horse knowledgeable folks there- so Breeze got to learn that not ALL humans are going to hurt her- there are some who simply love her...

Last night, a student was  here- and we handled Breeze a little, to help her see that we all are kind here. Even Stephen, who is TALL and is a guy. We asked him to walk up to her, and let her see he wouldn't hurt/ scare her either. Breeze did really well and was so brave. Stephens' wife shared this photo with us- Abby & Steve talking over the fence.

The American draft ponies are being changed around it seems. As much as I try, I can not get past not being able to trust Cherry 100%.It would be a horrid thing if she blew up while in a show ring, hurting herself, or maybe others- or even Me. I won't take that chance... Used to be I'd ride or drive any equine and have no fear of being injured, but as I have gotten "older"- that is in my mind when climbing into a horse-powered vehicle now. So, the plan is, is that I am trading Cherry ( whom will be sorely missed !) with a gal in New York. She has an "almost" 4-year-old mare.  She is to be registered and I can name her! AND- the bestest part is that she was bred to the gals' black Am.Draft Pony Stallion!!!  We are all hoping that she 'settles' and is foal when she arrives here.
A little teeny black pony foal for us next February- so exciting.  Below is a photo we have of her in New York. She's shorter than Rose & Cherry but maybe will grow a little more? At any rate- she's trained to drive ( VERY green) and ride too (Very green!).

I think all of us at the barn are eager to meet this little one...and her baby.

Rose- the other draft pony- has been getting some work on a longe line ( right- I see no reason in the world to pay $$$$ for a "round pen" when all a horse of mine needs to learn can be done on a 30' line).  She is being much better than last Fall... still has her own grumpy opinions but at least she's not charging me! I plan to get her driving soon.

A boarder lost an old friend a few weeks ago... Her AQHA gelding had injured his back in the ring a week before and walked crooked. There was some damage to his pelvis/ spine. The thing that made it clear he was ready to 'move on' was that his left eye was becoming infected again- a possible tumor behind it had created an abscess which we cared for and got him past. But now, there was another forming. My friend & vet. discussed it and it was decided that her horse be put down. He's buried up on the hill near 'All The Best'. 

Other than that- the full sized Heavy horses are doing great, as are the other horses of WoodFinn. Lessons are picking up again which makes me happy. It is fun to see folks learning the RIGHT way to ride and treat a horse. 

The hens are laying like possessed poultry- and we have Lots of Fresh Eggs! This month, RC, Daisy n' Lilly will be put in a stall so we will hopefully get fertile eggs to hatch!  Will post pix, if we get some.

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