Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Depressing Day


What a sad week it's been so far and it is just Wednesday.
Firstly, we have had some hen eggs in the incubator & were trying to hatch out some lavender Orpington peeps. Oh, I kept the temperature correct, as well as the humidity- turned those 10 eggs carefully 2-3 times a day and waited.  And waited.....  And Waited.  Finally, day 21 happened. No hatchlings. We are now over day 21 and are on day 24. Still not a sign of anything but brown eggs w/ Xs & O's on them.  So this evening, I will most likely throw the eggs away, and chalk it up to being a bad "mama'' to those eggs. <sigh>

Earlier this week, a good friend of mine was anxiously waiting to go to her doctor to find out whether her baby to be was a girl or a little boy. She was 17 weeks, I believe. Turns out there was no heartbeat-the baby had died for some unknown reason. All of us here at WoodFinn are so sad for her & her family. There's nothing anyone could say to make it better... So they are now forced to deal with the emotions and heartbreaking knowledge. I hope they both can get thru this and become even stronger as time passes.

This morning ,our farm's vet came out to float a gelding's teeth, give him his vaccines, and do a sheath cleaning. Rusty was a very good boy with it all. He got a clean bill of health and is now happily eating grass outside. Soon, we'll let him be outside with Leah and hope they become good friends.

< sigh>  Then I had her do a pregnancy check on Briana, our new American Draft pony mare. She'd been bred before she came to our farm and everyone was looking forward to a foal next year.  Well, it turns out Briana did not "settle"- get pregnant. I wanted to cry, I felt so bad.....   No foal for us next spring.

So, we have no peeps, no foal, and feel terrible for our friend who is not pregnant any longer as well.

I guess this is how life goes sometimes......
  hope Something good happens around here.

Below is a photo of Rusty the first day he'd arrived... He got an upper respiratory infection and was quarantined for a month to make Sure no one else got sick- and now, Everyone is healthy & content.


  1. I'm sorry about everything. Seems like they always come in 2s and 3s. Regarding the eggs, I've had the same happen too. I now keep my humidity around 40, and on day 18 I crank it up to 60, 70. Seems to have improved my hatching. Hope you didn't throw out those eggs yet....take out one or two and crack them inside a ziploc bag and see what you've got. Could be that you'll get a clue for next time, you know? I always crack all the eggs at the end. Helped me figure out a lot. Best's got to get better. I believe in prayer. :)

  2. Thanks Carol- things did get better. I will remember your tips for the next time I try incubating some eggs.


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