Friday, September 18, 2015

Good Bye, sweet Abby.


It is with a heavy heart I write this.... Last month, my dear mare, Wolf River Fashion, died. August 16th, 2015.  I have no clue HOW she did it but she got tangled and down in a fence in her pasture. She'd been living in that pasture on and off for 12 years and knew where all of the fences/ boundaries were.

It all began about 8 PM on that Sunday evening. My neighbor called to let me know that one of the horses was down and caught in a fence. Glenn & I rushed up to find it was Abby. She was down with her front legs bent at the knees and totally underneath. Her back legs were under her body as well. It was as though she had just 'dropped'. No legs were tangled but she couldn't get up or free. Glenn and our neighbor cut the fence and Abby was free. Still she didn't get up, but she did try. Glenn was pulling on a lead ( I had rushed to the barn to get a halter and to call the gal that had been making payments to buy her) trying to help Abby get re- balanced so to have a front leg to use in getting up... She did get away from the fence, rolled over, and I dashed to the barn again to call the veterinarian. Letting her rest was what we were doing- then ask Abby to get up.

As I came back up the hill, and walked over to where Abby was, I was asking how she was doing.  Glenn looked at me and said "I think she just died".  I lost it- double checked to be sure my mare surely was not breathing,and still couldn't believe it.

So she is gone... Some days I forget she's buried up on the hill with the others and expect to hear her rattling her feed tub for a snack. The gal who loved her so was devastated, and got to the barn as fast as she could. We both cried- along with everyone else.

Abby is buried up on the hill, beside Evie. It is still hard to believe, but it is so. I hope we all heal from this enough to soon put the memories in a small part of our hearts to never forget her.

Rest in Peace, dear Abby...

"Wolf River Fashion"
 2002 - 2015


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