Wednesday, October 13, 2010

'Henny Pennys's' Hen House

 My hens have been laying eggs for about a month now. I get four eggs one day, and three the next...this from 5 hens that are laying. Pretty good , I think !   I've been saving them by the dozen to give to our chicken sponsors, and so far the eggs are getting rave reviews.  The hens and Aiden have been "free range" for quite some time, and meet me at their little gate in the mornings, waiting to go out for the day. Lately they have been heading up to their little hen house in the evenings when I am there to do evening feeds/ turnouts for the horses. They're learning the routine  .  All but for the two new babies I bought- the " Little's".  They aren't so little any more though ! These are Barred Plymouth Rock hens and they're growing up fast. Roxie n' Annie..... I shall have to get a photo of them.

I finally got around to buying some paint for the coop too.... Have been working on it in between rainy days. I ran out of the deep red paint, so in the picture, you can still see the yellow it was when I bought it.  Here's a couple of photos of it as it got painted.... I need to get some more red, but it is supposed to be chilly & rainy again tomorrow.  There's no rush then. This shot is a little crooked but you get the idea !
The next is with the trim on,but not done because I wasn't tall enough to reach the top! We still need to get some plexi-glass to cover the openings for winter.  I really like the way its going to look  :)   This one is crooked TOO
Of course, one has to add a couple of the chickens.... Glenn took these last Sunday:

This weekend, I HOPE to get it all finished !

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