Monday, March 7, 2011

March ... SNOW ????

 Yep- it snowed.  Last night, around bedtime, I checked to see how much sleet we'd gotten, and lo' & behold- it was Snowing !  This morning, I got up, dressed, and looked out a window. No, I hadn't been dreaming- there was snow on the ground. About 3" worth- wet, heavy snow- perfect for making snow people.(no sexists here!)
I grabbed my camera on my way out to the barn and snapped a few 'snowy' pics which I'll add below.  The horses had All stayed in their barn last night because of sleet, rain predicted. Well, the weather forecasters were Wrong once again.  Oh well, such is an early spring ! The snow is busily melting now due to the fact that it has warmed up Quite a bit. It should be creating some scrumptious MUD for us to struggle thru.

                Once again- a snowy walk to the barn

My Yucca plant- looking decidedly yucky :

Hemlocks along the creek...

my Dogwood... 

 poor ring- it was flooded AND iced , then snowed on:

Once again- the infamous Buffalo Mtn !

Betcha can't tell which way the winds were blowing :

Our creek was flooded as well... 
It'll be worse now with the snow melting.

By tomorrow, it will all be gone but was pretty while it lasted.

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