Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy April and what's happening

It's April!  FINALLY Spring is on that way. We had a rough start to April, with some rain and snow in other areas near our farm. We just got rain, luckily. Rain, in turn, creates mud which has been prevalent here lately. Everyone I speak to is in agreement-  Spring can't arrive Soon Enough !  The horses are shedding their winter coats like mad, and my daffodils have bloomed at the house. Those at the barn are still waiting for it to get warm enough up there. It's  cooler at the barn than at the house.

The chickens have started laying eggs like mad !  I get 6 one day, then 4-5 the next- and this is from Five Hens.  Someone is really doing a super job at laying eggs, it seems.

This morning my husband had an appointment with a "handy man". They discussed things that Glenn wanted done concerning the barn. So far, we're getting all of the stall windows repaired, and new plexi-glass in them if needed, the big ends of the barn are going to be painted- to match our hen house- and the ceilings in all of the stalls repaired. The BEST surprise to me was a stairway up to the hay loft !!!!   I'll have steps to walk up instead of climbing up a ladder- that was a Grand surprise for me. 

Things are being accomplished around here- and I'm 100 % amazed at it all. This is better than a kazillion Christmas' to a horse woman and I am so blessed.

I have to get a photo of the hen house ( yes, finally got it all done being painted last Fall) so you can see the colors chosen for the main barn.  

Yes- April is a most wonderful month here at our farm !

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