Wednesday, April 6, 2011

More exciting things happening here

 Today was the day for Fencing! Mr Fisher ( Of Fisher's Fencing in Richfield, PA) called last night to make sure it was still alright to come work on the pasture fencing. They arrived just as I was turning horses out this AM. I got out of their way, and they got started tearing the old ugly wire fence down, and rolling it up. I was cleaning stalls, and getting morning chores done as they were chugging along doing that. They had it all down and Alan started putting up the new wire. Its small squares of high tensile quality wire and gets smaller as it goes down. The top squares are approximately 3x2" and at the bottom- very small.  Very SAFE fence for the horses who live here. We are getting this new fence to replace the disgusting hi-tensile strands of wire that was here when we bought this farm AND the cheap crap that I hired some guys put up right after we moved in. It was all stretched, and torn in areas- and NOT safe at all. Plus it looked horrid. Then as soon as  the ground firms up, we'll have them come back and re-place the hi-tensile wire along the road front , up one side past the neighbors' houses, and to the far corner of the farm. That way, we'll have no loose dogs in our fields, and no kids either. The horses will be much safer as well.

They ran out of wire fencing before they got one pasture done- the one around the ring & plans are to return tomorrow to get that accomplished, plus begin tearing out wire in the other pasture.

Below is the front pasture , minus the old stuff, waiting for new.

 Again- waiting for new wire fence !
  And this is how it looks when done- 
running up the lane towards the barn :
This is SO thrilling to me..... To others, it might not be so, but to a horsewoman ? Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyeah.... new fence !

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