Saturday, June 18, 2011

Almost All Done !

 The past few weeks , there's been quite a few changes here... FINALLY the stall front guys arrived, and got busy tearing my barn apart. Luckily I'd figured out a way to have All of the horses out of the barn for a couple of days to make it easier for them to get done. I'll add some pics of how it Now looks as I already added photos of how it looked " before". After they were done making a mess, and finished, we had a barn painting day , combined with a clean up day. Lots of folks showed up  ( THANK YOU ALL !!) and we got a lot accomplished. Painters painted the barn stall front boards red, and we trimmed in a deep blue. I think it looks alright ,but am considering painting all those boards a deep red.  After looking at the pix, What do You think ?

This is most of the stall fronts torn off, but it shows how pretty the newly painted ceilings are.

Another shot of the barn.

First door has been hung !

now we're getting somewhere....

Carlene got to be in her stall for dinner !
one side is Almost done

  Now to add some fresh paint !

 I chose a deep red and a deep blue as trim for the barn...

 This is the left side of the barn- new windows that open & close easily, and fresh paint

Voila ! We're getting there

Still waiting for painters to come:
Painting has begun

 Sample stall front...

There's still more to get done, but you have the idea of how it will look....

We even got the soffitt painted !

  Happy Clyde mare- in her new stall....

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