Sunday, July 3, 2011

Emmi wants to be a Mommy


It seems I now have a hen who wants to sit on eggs in order that they hatch and she will have babies to care for.... only trouble is that we have only Non-fertile eggs here now. Aiden, the Dominique rooster, got very bad natured and jumped at some of the kids who come to visit here at our farm. THAT was against ALL rules, so he got three chances to behave- and didn't.  So Aiden found a new home, and there are 6 hens here . This is actually what I wanted in the first place... six fat farm type hens. After a LOT of roosters finding homes, and loosing a couple, I am now to where I want.

Emmi, my little Light Brahma hen, how ever has chosen to go 'broody'. She's been trying to sit on some eggs, but none are ever going to become anything but rotten. So, I sent a plea out to a friend of mine who has many different types of chickens- AND Roosters!  Ahhhhhhhh- fertile eggs for my little hen to' set ' on. So tomorrow, they will arrive here and we'll see what Emmi thinks of her future chicks to be.  I'll try to get a picture of Emmi in her nest- sans fertile eggs this afternoon.....

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