Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fun and Fotos 8/7/11

I have some cute photos of kids n' horses and other animals around here that I think need to be here.
 Sooooo- enjoy !

This is BoJangles- VERY VERY Dirty !!!
  From this spring- thanx Shanna.  That's Jaide, Shannas' daughter holding Bo for me   2011

One more... ugh

BoJangles getting a wonderful massage from Dianne Schoenfelt-he loved it    2011

A little dandelion ready the shed it's seeds... 2011

Queen Anne's Lace  spring 2011

A SUPER Full moon ! 2011

Rainbow over WoodFinn   2011

Kelby riding Scout in the ring... 2011

Abby waiting for breakfast  2011

Kissa coming under the gate... she's one of our Barn Kitties 2011

Our American Bulldog,Sadie, playing chase with her leash- it's an odd game to humans,
 but is wonderful for bulldogs ! 2011

Shanna after giving her best buddy a bath ! 2011

Mmmmmmmmm, treats ! Bo n' Shanna  2011

hey- gimme that hay, kid ! Bo n' Jaide 2011

A little gal all dressed up and goin' the county fair with her dad n' mom. 2011

BoJangles trying to convince AJ and Jaide to let him go into the barn  2011

Awwwwww, come on, kids !

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