Sunday, August 28, 2011

She's gone :D

 Irene has moved on.... didn't leave anything but a stiff breeze and some showery rain.  Now it's just beginning to clear up . All is fine here- nothing damaged, dry chickens and happy horses out grazing in the fields !  The new chickens - thanks Heather !!!-  are doing fine. Starlight has decided perhaps being w/ her " peeps" is alot better than galvanting about the farm all by herself.  I had to herd her into an empty stall in order to capture her and return her to her friends .  The little peeps are ADORABLE- teeny little things , all colored differently. Lucky- Emmi's only chick is growing by leaps n' bounds- and oh wow, she is SO friendly. She follows my shoes, and loves taking dirt baths in the stalls- Yes, WITH the drafters in them too.  Here's some photos I got today. Also- one of a very soggy squirrel in our barn's parking lot and one of Scarlet .

Mama hiding her peeps

 Getting some brunch...
 back to scratching for bugs,etc

 this pretty girl is named Starlight- with Easter behind her

The hen below is Easter- one of the other hens.

closer shot of the teeniest little peepy

Low clouds over our mountain- Irene is leaving the area !

 This is the only survivor of Emmi's little family- Lucky

More of Pearl & her chicks

  Scarlet outside, enjoying the cool temperatures

 Our soggy squirrel....

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