Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The new girls n' some horses

 Here it is a brand new week. Yesterday, the new hens Finally arrived ! See their photos below. Their ex-owner found out that where he lived chickens were not allowed, so he had to find a new home for them.  Luckily that new home was WoodFinn ! We need to find names for them- so I have asked students, boarders and Working students to think of 'girly'  names for these new hens. One of the new students' parents are going to take the bantam hens and all the peeps to their house- this evening, we'll capture them, box them up and off they'll go. Stay tuned on the Great Chicken Capture. :)

The horses have really been enjoying this cooler weather here this and last week. Scarlet  ( my leopard App mare) has been feeling down right silly, as are the Percherons. 60 degrees during the day is Draft Horse Weather, it seems. Little to no flys bugging them, cool days and less humidity makes for 11 happy horses.

Jasmine  ( Standardbred mare) has a new home since a couple of weeks ago. She was sold to a gal I know- and I think she's going to be perfect for them, as Jazzy rides And drives. So we now have another stall to fill with someone's horse. I wasn't using Jazz as much as I'd thought I would be, and she has a wonderful new home forever, I hope.

Here are a couple of shots of the chickens and a couple of the horses from this morning :

The little Bantam hens, and the peeps, my Rhode Island Red hen, Lucy, and Silverwulf, the silver laced Wyandott hen.

  The Buff Orpington gals - they're a little shy...

Scout and Scarlet

             and last but not least, our newest student, Michela and her pal, Alli.

Alli was just finishing a tasty peppermint she'd gotten as a treat for being a good ride.....

Hope you all have a great week !

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