Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hospitals and Storms, and Floods- Oh MY !

  There was a LOT happening this past week. Firstly, we got storm watches for a fierce tropical storm that was moving up the coast.... So I was busily preparing for that- winds, rain and perhaps a higher than normal creek. Well, it was MUCH more than just that. Little to no winds, but the rain- Oh the rain. ( we got close to 9" of rain !!) It began in earnest Tuesday evening-just as I was driving home alone from the hospital. Glenn had been not feeling well Monday (which was Labor day and a 3 day weekend for him) so we didn't do much at all. By Tuesday, he was Miserable;complaining of stomach pains again- so I called the Dr's office to get an appointment. No, the Dr was off for a few days, so we went straight to the emergency room. Turned out after a Lot of tests, he had the same problem of before. They admitted him, and that's why I got to drive home in the storm alone. By Wednesday, (thanks to Megan, I had some help that day)  it had really hit us hard.... I had wet stalls in the front half of the barn, and thank goodness, that was ALL. There was rain- no thunder, no lightning- so the horses went outside as usual. I think they enjoyed the cooler temps and being soaking wet as no one acted as though they wanted to go inside. Thursday found me alone again. My poor working student had called to say she wouldn't be there because her basement had flooded. I felt SO terrible for all of their losses ! I couldn't get out of the county to go visit my husband because of the flooding. This road was closed/ flooded... that road was closed.  Whew- Major flooding- when the great river running thorough this area gets full- she goes over her banks and to the houses beyond ! Harrisburg was under water in certain areas, Hershey Park was under water - so badly that they had animal deaths at their zoo america.  It was BAD. I'll add some photos of some of the flooding below.
   While my hubby was getting better, I had found a little peep in the horse stall where the hens were staying. ( one of Pearls' chicks) I thought it was sick, and would die, but nope- it just needed to be treated gently and be allowed to heal- and eat, and drink and Poop.... That's alright- all of that is Healthy. So now, I have TWO little best friends in chicken clothing. One in a Cosequin bucket, and one in the little dog kennel cab. Lucky is growing like mad- has almost all of her/his feathers in now, and Loves to sit in human laps. I thought I'd heard Lucky attempting a crow this morning, so I Sure hope it was NOT. Been calling the little one in the tack room bucket " Widget" which can be either hen or rooster names.
   The horses all survived the storm easily- but for looking at their damp but clean stalls like they had mistakenly gone to the wrong barn. They Were all quite clean too- till the rains slowed down and the mud looked like fun to roll in. Mud is alright- when it dries, it brushes right off.
 Now, today- the farm is drying out, the stalls are doing Much better, and all is well at WoodFinn once again. The little widget peep is having trouble making her/his toes/ feet work correctly- but I pray that time will heal that. Otherwise, Widget is a happy little chick. Lucky likes to visit the Percherons when they are in their stalls during the day. I think they like the company.
  The other hens- Pearl, Starlight n' Easter- are outside today for the first time since they got here. The peeps ( now 8) were having the times of their lives pecking grass and finding bugs. Alli, my old Appy, had walked up to the barn to get a drink, and was standing there watching them, ears perked forward, head tilted so she could see them. I'm glad my horses are so good at getting along with all the other species living here ! Now for some photos :

This is Lucky- notice the "Shrek" ear like feathers on the sides of his/her head ?

And this is 'Widget'... the little chick living in the Cosequin bucket in our tack room.

This is our road past our house...

Below is the front of the barn- 
AFTER scooping out one helluva lot of water.

Buffalo Creek- Wednesday

The creek is normally a few inches deep- by Wednesday, it was easily 6' deep
Those trees are a good 10' back from the creek banks.

These are photos I took on our drive home on Friday- of the Susquehanna River

Another shot- of City Island- from the Harrisburg Hospital.

See those small houses across the river ?

And last but hardly least- this is 322 and Clarks Ferry- almost flooded under.

Saturday was a gorgeous day- hot,but the humidity dropped some as it wore on. I hope we are going to have a taste of Autumn later on this week !

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