Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Autumn Has Arrived 10.12.11

It seems that overnight, Autumn arrived. The trees that change colors are happily dressed in golds,yellows and reds.There are acorns All over our back yard, and subsequent squirrels digging little holes to bury their treasures in. It won't be long until the ground is full of small divots with acorns hidden in them.

Today the weather is dreary and rainy... On my drive to check out a possible new pony for lessons, that gold and yellow brightened things up considerably. The mountains and ridges are gorgeous in their Autumn colors, with just enough pines and hemlocks in deep green to fill in the shadows and dips.

We now are back in order with chickens, it seems. A friend of mine had been told she couldn't have her hens in her backyard , due to township regulations, so two of those hens moved in here. They're Barred Plymouth Rock hens, and are very friendly. Add those to the 6 hens already here, and I have a yard full once more. The little Widget peep that is a frizzled Cochin cross is doing SO well now. She/ he is walking about- even running, flapping those little fragile wings to get her going FAST. She / he still lives in our tack room and has become quite the pet. Lucky- the one peep that survived the horrid times when his mama was killed- is getting so very beautiful ! He's still practicing that terrible 'rooster' song he has made up.... Oh my, he sounds terrible, but he hasn't an idea of how the song goes. So, it goes like this- instead of "cockle doodle Doooooooooo", Luckys' rendition of it is " Err, err, ERRRRR !"  Not real close but he's rather proud of his crow. He still loves to sit with people in the tack room, and has a wonderful time telling the chosen person of the hour All about his adventures as he sits on their laps. Due to his being able to fly quite nicely, his favorite roosting area is on the bell right outside the tack room. I'll have to try to get a photo of him one of these days.

The horses are all doing super. Busily growing in their winter coats and filling up on what little grass is left. The new stall fronts inside our barn Still are way to pretty. Sometimes when I walk into the barn now, its as though it belongs to someone else, and I'm merely working there. I love my barn now. I loved it before- but now ?   WOW-  Love it big time !

Below are some photos I got today of our trees, etc.
This is the creek- almost back to normal again.

 This is across the creek...

The 'Sedum' has become Burgundy !

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