Sunday, October 30, 2011

October.....snow ????


Every time I think I have the weather figured out here in central PA, it changes. When I finally figured out the path of the 'terrible' thunderstorms as compared to the not so terrible ones, that was all turned around. Now ? I thought that we were safe from bad, cold weather in October- and was looking forward to a delightful Autumn.

Wrongggggggggggggg. Yesterday, it snowed. Yes- it SNOWED !  A good 3-4 inches of very wet, sloppy snow. In October !  The horses all stayed inside because no one was prepared for Snow and hadn't gotten their wintry blankets out. The Percherons were out all night on Friday as it was not supposed to start snowing until very early morning. The weather guys predicted it perfectly and by the time it actually began snowing, the Percherons were inside, happily eating their breakfast hay.

Here is a photo of our typical Autumn day :
Pretty colorful leaves on the trees, 'some' grass and nice weather, thennnnnnn on Saturday...

snowing like crazy !

the ornamental grass didn't care for it...

Poor little annuals got snow covered:

The Hemlock trees were snow covered 

Sunday brought sun- but FOG !

Poor Oak Trees

Low clouds- but the sun is trying to shine - Sunday AM

ground fog made things look spooooky

Even the hens didn't want to come out

our mountain- snowy

The right side- with low clouds
Buffalo Mountain in fog

Soon, the snow was melting and the trees are back to their lovely Fall colors

Our fence line- snow and leaves ???

All in All ? 
 One bizzare, insane weekend 

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