Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Widget Lays An EGG


This little bitty banty chick that I 'saved' has become a mature Hen it seems. She has stayed ever so friendly and knows she is safe from the big rooster ( Lucky) who constantly bothers her in the barn. So it is in the barn she lives with a few short forays out into the barn yard area....

She loves to come into the tack room and sit on human laps, if there are any. She tells us very important Chicken Things all the time.  This evening, she was cackling about something and I just figured it was something misbehaving according to Widget. No- when I went to re-fill her water dish for the night, I noticed there were TWO teeny tiny eggs in the back of her hen house !  Each day so far, we are presented with one small bantam sized egg in there. I got a photo of a normal sized egg from our Rhode Island Red hen, Lucy, and then one of Widgets so you can see the difference . I hope she continues laying !

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