Friday, March 9, 2012

Welcome, March !


March is here !  To some, March comes in like a 'lion', and goes out like a 'lamb'.  So far , THIS March in south central Pennsylvania has been all " lamb", with an occasional growl from that 'lion'.  I'm usually waiting for April to show up because this last month of winter can often be more nasty than other months.  But, our daffodils are up and have buds on them ! Our forsythias are developing baby sized buds- both promising glorious color for this upcoming Spring.  Each year, Spring is a new Beginning- and once again, I can see glimmers of green grass, the teeny early spring flowers and I'm sure Spring is arriving Soon.

We have some new chicks - another Spring Event ! These are called Lavender Orpingtons and are going to be stunning birds once mature. Right now, the four peeps are living in a brooder in my bathtub, and are growing like mad. This morning, one flew up on the edge of the brooder and hopped down. What a scary moment that was for her. I don't think she thought all of this flying thru real well- it's just that she has little bitty feathers, flapped and There she Was.  I'll be sure to add a couple of photos of them when they arrived last week. This is the third week of life for these little peepies.

There was a boarder who just never did fit in here who finally moved out the last day of February.  You know how some people know less than they Think they do ? Well, that's how it was here, and proceeded to get worse and worse. We had decided that March 31 was to be their last day of keeping their ponies here, but they chose earlier, and now our barn is back to being a great place again. Its odd how just one "bad apple'' really DOES make things rotten.

One of my working students and friend, Shanna, has purchased a horse for her !  This is the second one she has owned, and is SO excited. We took a road trip yesterday with her mom ( who knows horses too) to see this little horse. Oh my- she was PERFECT ! A perfect size, build, sweet personality and has the basics in training down really nicely. She's just 4, so it'll be a wonderful, long relationship between the owners , I hope.

There has been some interest from some other people in coming here to board, but we shall have to wait to be Sure.

That's about it- other than me remembering to add the chick pix , so here they are in no particular order.....
Misty, Lilac, Layla and Dixie:

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