Sunday, May 13, 2012

" WATER BOTTLE !!!" 5.13.2012

 This is what my friend tells her dogs when they are being 'bad'. It seems that she and her dog have been going to training classes - and doing quite well from what I hear. They have progressed to the next set of obedience classes and continue to be learning more all the time.

She keeps me updated on how its' all going and this week , its teaching her dog at home that if he's being bad, she grabs a squirt bottle full of water . After warning him by yelling " WATER BOTTLE!", if he doesn't stop, she squirts him.  So far she tells me that it is working.

I agree- squirty bottles full of water are something the farm animals have learned of here as well. My chickens love coming inside the barn, you see. I spend a lot of extra time 'chasing' ( meaning my walking behind them, waving hands, and saying " SHOO !") them out. They love picking up the left over pieces of grains, bugs, spiders and then making chicken poopies in the barn.  I don't care for the poops, so thus, the " SHOOO, Girls !!"  Lately I have been using an old detergent bottle full of water to squirt at them and they have Learned ...  All I have to do is begin walking towards the small table beside the tack room door, and they all scoot out the barn door.  < yay for chickens learning things>

I have also used a squirt gun for the barn swallows who Insisted that the barn rafters belonged to THEM.  It took me two seasons of Spring before I finally made it clear that they must build their nests in the Other barn behind the main one. It has worked- they will do 'fly thoroughs' , but that is all.

And so goes the saga of " WATER BOTTLE !!!".  
 Stay tuned to see who else might get introduced to it.

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