Monday, May 21, 2012

Catch-Ups 5.20.12

So here it is- the last couple of weeks in May. Soon to come, summer time in s. central PA. Heat, flys, humidity, and more. There have already been kids swimming in the creek that flows thru our farm land. They can be heard having a great time each afternoon after school- getting cooled off and "messin' around".  I just hope no one gets hurt ! There won't be anyone there this evening as it's a rainy day today.

Lately I've been dealing with some pain that I Thought stemmed from my good ol' back injury . The Dr. says it is arthritis in my hip causing the pain- so due to the fact that I'm merely a horse woman, I'll have to take what he says as the truth.  Stay tuned on this..... my next doctors' appointment is on Friday.

My dear husband actually told me HE was going to mow the lawn and the grassy bank along the roadside, instead of me doing it. I have Always done this as he usually is so busy, there's no time. It was such an oddity, I had to snap a couple of photos of him mowing !  He usually mows Everything out there in his path, thus the main reason he doesn't do the mowing any more.....  This time, he got Only the grass n' weeds - YAY, Glenn !!!

Lately there has been a mated pair of wild Mallards using the run-off puddles in our ring for their own private pond. They have been here off n' on for a good week now.... See the little shore bird to the right and in front ?

 See ? My Mad Mower has done a pretty dang good job ! Even Sunny thinks so.

My deck / yard flowers and herbs have been blooming idiots lately- here are a few photos of them as well as the baby robins that are living in the Forsythia bush beside the house....

You have to look oh so closely to see the little baby Robins here

There are three and they're really looking like baby birds now. I hope they survive !

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