Sunday, August 12, 2012

Catch Ups

Its been a little while since the last post- sorry !
One of our Percheron mares had a 'discussion' over a fenceline with another one- and she ended up getting some pretty nasty scratches on her chest from it. Pics below....
When we first found them, we were mystified as to how she'd gotten them. She is turned out alone, new fencing that is safe, and well, I simply could not find a reason my mare had big scratches on her left chest / front leg.

 I took a walk and ' rode fence' to see if I could find some place that she might have scratched herself.  There was one place inbetween posts where the top of the fencing was bent over, and a bit of black hair on it.  Ah ha- mystery solved.

She's feeling much better now and enjoys the extra attention-  heal fast, my little bouncy mare !

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