Wednesday, July 25, 2012

'What a great day, or how we finally had some nice weather.


Today was great, weather-wise. One of our Working Students came over to help with morning chores, and to have a riding lesson that she has earned. She and her pal, BoJangles got to go for a ride around the farm. Sam said she realizes why people want to ride for Hours.... BoJangles didn't think that a wise move at all.

RC and Daisy made out just fine being chickens in the hen house overnight, instead of living in the barn. Tonight however, they did NOT want to go there again, so Dani and I had to capture them.
The 15 little peepies are all doing Great .

This evening Sadie & I went for our walk down the road a ways. She got to meet BICYCLES !!!  For the most part , she was scared of them, but that waggy tail was going like mad. Took some neat shots of the sun reflecting on "our creek' too.  Enjoy !

RC & Daisy

Alli & Scarlet


Buffalo Creek - Summer

Birds on a wire

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