Monday, September 3, 2012

Welcoming a new guy to WoodFinn


We had a new fella move in yesterday morning!
 He's a red head, tall and very charming.
He has been a barrel racer in his past, as well as 3-Day event horse. 

Introducing the newest addition to our farm:

'Rekka '
< aka "Rex">

 Below is Dani leading him outside for his first turnout.

Down the lane they went, to the ring....

After a little walk-about to see stuff,

and seeing if He was going to be alright.....

She removed his lead and off he went.

He explored the whole ring, from end to end

Did some posing for the camera...

Such a Handsome fella...

Bailey thought he looked pretty fine !

 He checked out Sunny, Scarlet and Alli...
  Then across the fields to see Holly and Bailey grazing.

Sheesh, Another  pose- he really IS quite handsome, don't ya think ?

Finally some grazing .

nom, nommmmm.....


 We hope he will be a fine riding horse for the more advanced humans in our barn and be owned by one of our working students !

 We want to personally thank Beverly Cataleno
 from Kennett Square, Pa.
 for allowing us to own this wonderful Thoroughbred !


 The End.

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