Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sadie & Kris take a walk...

October 2012

One late morning, Sadie & myself took a walk down our road. I had thought to take the camera with me, for a change. The weather was just perfect. Sunny, cool, and crisp.... Sadie loves taking walks but doesn't understand why "mom" wants to stop so often. I enjoy looking down into the gorge that holds " our creek"- but don't get TOOOOO close because we don't need an American Bulldog sliding down the steep drop into the creek.

There are ohhhhhhhh, 3 mated pairs of Wood-ducks living in our creek this year,and each time there is a chance of "sneaking" up on them, I never have my camera. THIS time- it was with us!

These Wood Ducks are sooooooooooooooooo shy- I usually don't get to even get the camera aimed and end up snapping shots of , well, water. Now water is interesting but it's NOT what I was wanting to have a photo of that particular time.

You can read all about them here:

So, down the road we walked... ever so quietly. Sadie wanted to walk in the leaves on the side, but when asked, she stayed on the paved roadway. And even more quietly when we came to the place where I knew the Wood Ducks swam and stayed....  shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....

The camera was tuned in for FAST shutter speeds, and I had adjusted it so it would Hopefully be able to catch these beautiful ducks before they flew up stream or down. Mostly- just AWAY.

We snuck up to the place - well I did, Sadie was busy sniffing and really didn't care much for what her human was attempting....  tippie-toe, and creeping along so not to spook the little ducks.

I got to the right spot and had my camera Ready.... But alas, they heard us and took off in flight before I could snap any photos of them in the water ! This is all I got - you can Barely see the two in flight.

< sigh>   I shall attempt this again one day soon. Perhaps from the other direction ?

Here are some more photos I took on our relaxing walk:

looking upstream:

The maples were Just beginning to change colors

Silver waters...

I so enjoy looking at the rocks and shale the creek runs over..

                         Pretty shallow this time of the year.

What a neat little cubby hole for someone to live in this winter:

Dead wood:

 And then , downstream

The creek gets very narrow here:

Layers upon layers of centuries are here :

Little "bald" tree:

It was breezy and the maple leaves were shouting " Rain is coming"

More shale layers:

Sometimes our creek is a raging river, but now,
 it's just lazily moving along.:

 A Different perspective :

And home again !

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