Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Day !


Today is a great holiday - It's a day of giving thanks for all of the wonderful things and people in our lives. Blessings have been bestowed here at WoodFinn Farm in the form of healthy, happy animals, goofy chickens who come a'running when called, and we humans. This land has told me so many tales of it's past, and it will have more tales to tell over yet more time. I'm blessed in being able to live on it ,even though for a short while.

Today, there were parades to be watched on television, pies to bake and soon, our turkey. Just a breast because we both love 'white' meat so why buy a whole turkey ? Soon, sports will start- the inevitable football games for Thanksgiving day...

So, I wish you ALL a wonderful holiday, full of love, happiness and peace. Blessed are we who have it.

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