Sunday, December 2, 2012

Why Thank a Horse ???


 A friend of mine shared this with me this morning.... It led me to ponder all of the wonderful things horses do and Can do for we humans...IF we allow it.

My horses have done all of the above and then some. My first pony taught me patience and perseverance as he bucked me off, laughing over his shoulder as he galloped back home. He taught me to ponder how in the world to get across to his equine brain that this was NOT funny (well perhaps to him ) - not to the humans he dumped.

I have learned so many lessons from the horses in my life. Patience, compassion, passion, to learn a brand new language ( horse) and how to teach my horses 'english'. I have learned to read their body languages so clearly that I understand when they don't understand, are frightened, and are simply saying " nope, we are Not doing that  today".

They have allowed me into Their lives- to understand them so much better the language of the horse, than so many other humans.... 
And for that ? 

I thank them all.

From the horrid first pony all the way to the terrified team penning horse, to the rouge mare who threatened to bite my face off, should I enter her stall, all the way to my wonderful draft horses.
Proving the fact once again- that IF we allow ourselves as humans, to open up our minds wide enough, the horses will allow Us into theirs.

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