Friday, February 15, 2013

Chicken Things


Tomorrow is Glenn's birthday. He's still recovering from his surgery and while we have been accumulating a TON of hospital bills, I think I'm still going to surprise him with a nice birthday dinner here instead of dragging him out somewhere....  Stay tuned !

Today, a good friend n' I were outside at the barn discussing her photography class she's been taking. She is doing SO well in learning more about her camera and how to use it other than hitting the 'automatic' button and snapping away. She's learning about apertures and different settings and I'm learning a lot just listening to what she says.

ALL of the chickens were outside today, enjoying the warmer weather ( A whopping 38 degrees !). They were busily scratching about the manure mountain and taking dirt baths due to the earth being a little bit softer. What a grand life hens here have! Just about all they need to do is stay up at the barn and not get run over by cars or trucks that travel the little road near our house. ( interesting sentence, that)  The pullets do come down to check out our house,but they're learning to mostly remain at the barn , thank goodness.

So- here are some of the shots I took of The Girls, plus one endearing shot of our POA, Holly. She was sound asleep in the warm sun.

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