Friday, February 15, 2013



Yes, I have been thinking ..... while I'm doing menial labor at the barn like cleaning stalls, I was pondering about 'the wanna-be horse people.' Wanna-be horse people meaning those who say "I love horses" and really have no clue about what it is like to actually be owned by a horse. They wanna-be around other horse people, chat with them about horses or their views on training, horse care or the millions of things true horse folks chat about. BUT....Not many true horse people want to take the time to sit and discuss things with the wanna-be's .....
I find that a little sad.

At horse shows, on a drive, or where ever we may be with our horses, chatting with different people is fun. For both of us. We enjoy showing off our horses, and learning what these people have experienced or answer their questions. ( no matter How many times I've already answered the same one.)   To me, I find it interesting to hopefully teach a 'wanna-be' about horses or the vehicles we are using, or Anything horse oriented. There are subjects I shy away from, but generally, if asked, I'll give them an answer.

So- why is it that someone dying to meet a horse, or a horse person, that these new folks
 do not feel welcome to ask questions, or talk horses ?

Might it be that we 'pros' get so busy we haven't got the time to talk horses to someone who 'might ask dumb questions' ? Or is it because we simply have no patience with them ? Perhaps because we see ourselves so much more educated , wise, experienced or what ever that we can not sit and discuss things with these beginners ?  Answers to those questions need to come from within us.

Personally ?  Sometimes when showing, I Am to busy to stop what I'm doing and chat. That's when I ask the person to please excuse me - and to come back after I'm done showing my horse. I try to never ignore or snub possible new horse people-or those who have loved horses all their lives, and never have had a chance to be Around them ?  To me, I remember how I, too, was once a newbie to the world of horses. I remember how I felt when ignored after seeing a group of true horse people... I might have been just a mere child, but I remember.

I can only speak for myself, but after having dealt with horses and humans all of my life, I shall Always have time to help another learn more about these wonderful equines that bless my life.

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