Thursday, May 30, 2013

Happy Summer !


The weather here has been oh so strange for Springtime. First, it was cold, then HOT for a few days, then back to cold and rainy, and now ? HOT- like July HOT. I'll be the first to say " I Hate Humidity !" and am not looking forward to summer time if this is how it's going to be. This morning, the humidity was 89% and 79 degrees.... ugh. Luckily Mother Nature smiled on us and gave us plenty of rain to help the grass grow ( also weeds) and then sunshine too. A nice balance.

Many things have been going on here since I last blogged ! We had a great time with our " Barn Cleaning" day- and that was the week right before our Open House. Luckily, the barn Still looked super on that day. Unluckily, it rained for our Open House and while a few people did brave the weather, we would have had a lot more, had the sun come out.....  At any rate, we had a good time meeting new folks, and showing them our farm.

See ? The interior looked Wonderful !

        Below is only some of the help we had on our Barn Cleaning Day.


Our Open House went well - here's some photos of it :

These two gals, Cheyenne & Patience, were a Huge help ~!

Tack for sale- and Lou Bello minding the bake sale table:

Peg Olson- food booth professional ! 

Tami Bello baked SO many delicious items for the bake sale :


I know I had fun, and hope those who came to meet us & see our farm, enjoyed their visit too.

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