Sunday, June 6, 2010

First Show Clip - Eve 10/3/2007

She did GREAT !!!!
For a youngster who's Never been clipped before, and only " met" the clippers one time earlier, I'm again, So proud of my filly. We loaded in the trailer Again, this time w/ no hesitation, she backed into "her" stall better than before and immediately looked for HER hay bag. Which of course I held open for her to snack on. Then we practiced trotting on line once we were outside again.. She's got this down pretty well, but thinks it a little stupid to trot to nowhere then come back again. Go figure, right ? She's learning exactly what I want her to ... that most humans are crazy and must be Humored ! { :) The older horses just sigh and say- " Ok- where are we trotting again, ya stupid human ? "

Yesterday, I worked on getting her a little bridle path, Welllllllllllllllllllllll, she kept shaking her head, trying to get rid of those FLYS buzzing around and its a littttttle longer than I'd planned. But its there ! Each time I turned the clippers on and off, she'd bug her eyes out at the noise- but then would settle right down. So it was on / off... on/ off.... on, raise the clippers in the air above her line of sight, and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down to her knee level.... letting the sound change . She got so this was pretty dull, so I raised them faster and dropped them down faster. She wasn't impressed, so I rubbed the cord on her neck- THAT got a look, but not to worry. Then I rubbed the clippers up n' down- trying to NOT clip hair - which is tough.... After she was cool w/ that, I ran them up on her crest between her ears- where I wanted to clip, but didn't. She was really good- the A-5's were just humming along and she thought they were flys once again. In dodging her shaking head, I actually got her bridle path clipped pretty well.. She was not scared, but just didn't care for being "bugged" by the noise. I was so impressed... a filly who THINKS.

Then I tried her ears. When she was teeny, I would turn them inside out practically, and make buzzzing noises while I ran my hand all over them She had remembered but this was Much more annoying. So rather than botch them up ( yanno- the longer you clip, the shorter the hair ...;) and have her looking really stupid for this show day after tomorrow, I stopped and praised her to the high heavens. I got her muzzle clipped- she was cracking me up w/ her nose/ lips moving ! " Evie, go like this " And she stood so still for me to get those long uggy jawline/ lower face hairs gone too. Remember- this was all done on a loose lead and no fear- just baby 'questions', which were answered by me :)

This evening, I'd asked Glenn if he'd hold her lead while I got her ears neat n' tidy. She's got such pretty well shaped ears- they look like big araby ones, all pointed and classy looking. She was not feeling on top of the world due to being de-wormed this AM ( don't want to get behind in that )- so she was nice n' quiet. Also- being outside all day helped . Got the clippers out, let her see them and turned them on. Not much reaction at ALL. So I went thru the whole thing again, and we moved along right fast. Not a bit of trouble other than " ewwwww, make that NOISE go away - BIG FLYS !!!" from Evie. She didn't understand the 'whys' again, but she'll learn that its not a bug, but just those troublesome clippers again. She wasn't scared - but for one time when I tapped her by mistake w/ the blades - DUH. She was going down w/ her face as I was coming up. That was done with quickly though. All in all she was very very patient w/ all this new stuff and those Flys too.. <> She's grown some more- her shoulders/ chest area is really opening up but her behind still looks like a AQHA's.... Half Percheron filly, and half who knows ! <>

Lets hope in the next day, she rounds out again ?? Instead of looking like all these misc. pieces of horses stuck together ..... I'm so lovin' this marvelous filly.

Tomorrow afternoon, we get our first BATH.

Oh dread.... I'm glad it is warmer for a couple of days as we will both be soaked !

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