Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Welcome October!


Happily, it is October. My favorite month of the whole year.... Time for hoodies, jeans, bonfires on the beach ( well, if you live near one- and I did), and the world becomes strikingly gorgeous.
Halloween is my favorite holiday- right behind Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The chickens are molting ( loosing their old feathers and growing in new ones) and some look positively horrid. Skinny, partially bald and not real happy with life. I swear the hens know they look icky, because they don't seem to want much attention. In all reality, its' because it takes Lot of work growing in brand new feathers. Lilly is the bald lady of the week, so far... Silverwulf has lost her tail feathers and a couple of others aren't looking real good either. Egg laying comes to an abrupt stop during this time, but I don't mind. So all in all, I have mouldy looking hens, no eggs, and even Issac is walking around looking at them oddly.

The drafters are getting incredibly fuzzy and their heads, where usually their black skin shows up, are all covered in silver. Due to their great ages, these two are pure white now, with Lynn developing " flea bites". Little black specks- I have no idea who came up w/ the name as a description, but it has been like this for a lonnnnng time. Perhaps from back when people got bitten by fleas a lot ? I dunno...

The two draft pony mares are fuzzy too- I love it. Those two are not going to be cold this winter, if their shaggy coats mean anything. Briana is terribly fluffy ( ha- in more than one way) and she reminds me of a little black furry blimp with legs hanging out. Rose is a little taller and looks good in her winter splendor. This is a photo from last winter.... she's more black now and not as sunburned but still ummm,'fluffy".

The light horses have yet to have much of a winter fuzz even beginning. Such is a protective coat of cold blooded animals, I guess....my drafters; they won't need heavy turnout blankets to often.

We have a new addition to the house...Dexter! He's a little guy, but oh wow, Full of play and mock fighting. He is 100% Glenn's kitten- which means no more litter box cleaning for Me! ( yay)
                    He's 11 weeks in these two photos

For the past two weeks, I have been dealing with a twisted/ sprained ankle. Many thanks to a horse taking off and my landing wrong. The weird thing is that it swelled like mad, but never has hurt to walk on it. Finally my ankle is going back to normal, and the bruising is leaving too. Sheesh- if it's not one thing, it's a swollen ankle.(tease)

That's about it for now- Bess's little brood are quickly out growing her. The Lavender Orpington peep is really getting tall. Still, I am lousy and figuring out sexes of little chickens, so it's all a guess til one starts to practice crowing. ( have you ever heard a teenager rooster trying to crow ? Omgosh- it's hilarious!)

Enjoy this wonderful weather and All Hallows Eve !

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