Sunday, September 25, 2016

Molly the Mouser

  The other day, one of the gals who takes care of evening chores for me stopped at the house before leaving. She had some very amazing news it seemed.

This past February, we hatched out a peep. The mom was only good at hatching her babies but in no way was she going to care for them too."Molly" ended up being raised in the ever popular Cosequin bucket. She is half Lavender Orpington, and half who knows what.This is herself checking out a friend's cell phone:

She isn't a year old yet, and has become the most incredibly friendly barn chicken in a long time. She follows us around, supervising our work, she likes to ride in the wheelbarrow when we are putting hay in stalls for the horses, and loves checking out the manure we have put into the wheelbarrow while cleaning out stalls. All in all, Molly is quite a character.

She is now laying eggs and I think she's finally settled on a small place beside a hay bale for a place to do that. Used to be we would find them in the fresh hay in stalls, in a corner of a stall, and once or twice, in an actual nesting box. 

So- that's Molly. Now, back to the news that the gal brought to show me.....

It turns out that while she'd been mixing up feed for the horses, she heard a scuffling about outside. It was Molly. She'd found a mouse and was doing her best to catch it. She finally did, and killed it. The video from the gal's cell phone showed Molly checking the mouse out,pecking at it a little. Ok- so that's a normal behavior. Then she ate it WHOLE !!!

Yep- swallowed it right down. I was speechless at seeing that, let me tell you. There it all was- on a video. Thank goodness the gal had her phone with her and thought to record it. She hadn't a clue that Molly was going to do that and wanted to show me that Molly had indeed done a good thing.

Well, Molly seems to be fine still and is happily hunting about for spiders, flys and other items of interest to a chicken. Amazing stuff one sees at a horse fam if one is observant enough!

IFFFF I can figure out how to share the little video, I will add it here. 

Three cheers for our "Molly the Mouser ''!

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  1. She is now laying eggs and I think she's finally settled on a small place beside a hay bale for a place to do that.)))


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