Monday, May 10, 2010


 For the second weekend in May, it was COLD !!! Happy Mother's Day to every Mom who is reading these- I hope it was a great day for you .

The husband and I took Saturday " off "   this weekend. This is something that doesn't happen often, so when it does, we have a great time together. We drove to his hometown and got some errands accomplished . On the way back, we stopped at a horse show grounds to see a friend of ours showing her first American Saddlebred horse. This horse is owned by someone else but she was asked if she would enjoy showing it- of course she was Thrilled !  The wind blowing was frightening to many of the horses there, and there were some almost disasters but luckily no one was hurt. My friend's horse decided it was fun to buck himself around some corners of the ring, but she stuck with him.  The two classes for that day won two 4th place ribbons. Not bad for only the horses' second time in a show ring.

After that, we headed home. A long peaceful drive but for the interstates and busier roadways. I prefer driving on country roads, but sometimes one Must head towards the busier roads.  We got home and the husband cooked a great dinner which we enjoyed immensely.

Below is my friend on BZ , her favorite pal.  This was right after he stopped bucking....

This is after their ride and waiting to see how they placed....
Sunday , I decided to head out to a local show. Still chilly for May and a blustery wind blowing. Turned out I was Happy that I had remembered to grab a winter weight coat as I left the house. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!   Horses were full of bucks, and some broke free from their handlers to run off exploring the whole show grounds as they galloped thru the trailers and horses tied there. Again- no one was hurt badly and once things settled down and the show classes began, all was quite peaceful.  Still kids fell off and horses went bonkers , thanks to the big winds. I remembered thinking how glad I was that I had decided to leave my mare, Abby , at home that day ......

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