Monday, May 17, 2010

" CRONK !!" ???

I heard it again this morning !  What the heck was making that noise in my barn ??  CRONK !!!   Sounded like something had some mental issues going on for some reason or another. It was not consistent at all .....  CRONK !!   Not being able to ignore this weird sound coming from inside my barn, I put down my pitchfork and started a search.  But then I didn't hear it again, so back to stall cleaning.  CRONK !!!!  Ok- this was getting ridiculous.  I stood in the middle of the barn, listening closely for it to happen again.  Must have stood there for 2-3 minutes until what ever it was sounded off once more.  Now I knew where the sound was coming from !  The chicks have been living in a empty stall during the night because I don't have a 100% safe area for them outside.  That is where the noise was coming from.  Walking over quietly, I peeked in thru the stall bars and was very quiet.  CRONK !!   AH HA-  Guess who now owns a stinkin rooster ????  Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah- ME.  I specifically ordered ALL hens when I made my order at the local ( And obviously not good a chickens) feed store . NO ROOSTERS !!  Well, they messed up and I have at least one now- and he's trying to Crow .  This gorgeous bird is not going to remain here. I'm not sure What I'll do with him- but he's not staying here....   Anyone want a purebred Partridge Plymouth Rock ROO ?? That's him in the middle- red and running...  Please, anyone want a lovely Roo ?

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